NOTICE: Demon Hunter Sombra will be available outside of Virtual Ticket at a later date

Was the fine print there the whole time though? I bought mine earlier since I plan on watching anyway so its no skin off my back but still.

I believe it was there from the beginning and people overlooked it because they first learned of the skin from a leak and not the actual reveal.

Basically everyone jumped to conclusions.


I wonder if this means BlizzCon skins won’t be exclusive anymore or if this is just a one-off thing. They were very vague about it all. I’m willing to bet that you can also get her skin by buying Diablo 4 when/if it gets revealed, like how you got stuff in the other games for buying the Origins Edition of Overwatch

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I think it would’ve been smarter for Blizzard to outright mention it alongside the reveal, it would’ve certainly resulted in far less backlash.

I for one, was extremely aggravated until I learned it would be available later on separately.


Almost like the skin being shown WAS A LEAK and not an official release

but it was an official release lol

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It was officially revealed today.

Never was leaked.

It was leaked, but only by about 4 hours

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Oh my.

Is this dude/chick for real?

That same message was on the other Blizzcon tickets back in 2016 to 2017 and Bastion and Winston never got released to the public.



Well, I don’t keep track of leaks or anything.

Still, 4 hours isn’t much, if it were days, that’d be another thing.

Wait, really? Sauce pls

And ALL the outrage was before it was officially announced

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There was outrage post-announcement and even now.

It’s mostly because nobody knew it would be available at a later date, in other words, Blizz should’ve mentioned it specifically alongside the reveal to avoid the whine fest.

With promotions like this, there is never a “make everyone happy” solution. I was even hesitant to even post the detail about this item becoming available to the general public after BlizzCon. However, I always want to make sure the most fair and proper answers are always presented to the general player base, and that is my standing goal as a member of this community.


I wish they’d also include an epic black/blue recolor for Blizzcon too like usual. Since the Demon Hunter skin will be available for everyone later, it feels like there was actually no special skin this year. Oh well.


Unfortunately this information isn’t on the actual ticket page :frowning:
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Edit: Added link

This was good for a laugh.

Worst case, they will just save it for some other promotion you have to pay for. Nothing sells better than repackaged fruitcake!

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Thank you sir, this does make me feel better about the situation.

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Awesome, good to know. People will complain either way.

I wonder if it will be available for real money, or for coins in-game. Either way, that’s good to know.