Please bring back Demon Hunter Sombra!


ur not getting noire widow either

They… they never have brought skins back though.

Demon Hunter used to be blizzcon exclusive or something, but it was with the stipulation it would be available later in the year for normal ingame currency. Which they did… you missed that, and that was just kinda the last of it.


I don’t want Noire widow, and yes.

No, it was limited time, and, hell, it had two periods of availability, more than other limited skins.


It was never available for ingame currency, it was win 9 games you missed that. Also I’m just hoping.

Its not likely to come back because of the controversy it caused from its original release back in 2018 and its promised re-release back in 2019. In a BlizzCon NewsBlog post, it was specified that the BlizzCon 2018 skin would return which deviated from past Virtual Ticket promotions. Now Blizzard fulfilled their promise to bring it back, but I am pretty sure that one is gone for good.

More information: NOTICE: Demon Hunter Sombra will be available outside of Virtual Ticket at a later date


They really should bring back old skins, the only people who are against it are selfishly trying to gatekeep their special limited skins because they don’t want others to have it 🤷


Aw that sucks to hear. :frowning:

Yea thats the point. Exclusivity


I was just hoping. :frowning:

The only doomfist skin I don’t have is the thunder sf shock one, I feel your pain :confused:

As someone with Demon Hunter and a slew of other older “rare” skins, I completely agree and would be thrilled if they came back.

Demon Hunter/Pink Mercy/Noir Widow/Lego Bastion are awesome skins, probably the best skin for each character, more people getting them just makes them happy and doesn’t affect me in the least.

  1. Learn how to use commas
  2. I was just hoping
  3. Obviously it wasn’t limited time if it was available twice

Learn how to read punctuation lol

That’s fine, and I was answering said hope

…I don’t even know how to respond to that

His point was that it could happen again as it has already rerun. That in conjunction with confirmation that limited skins would return certainly suggests that may be the case.

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That skin was specifically stated to be a limited item that would return later for those who didn’t purchase a virtual ticket.

And I’m glad for that. If money is being paid for the exclusivity of these items, if they could be gotten later on down the line, it just removes incentive to get them. I could pay for “early access,” I suppose, but realistically, I’m not doing that. Sombra was promised at a later date, so I didn’t even bother to buy the blizzcon at all that year.

I got the following year specifically for Sym. I got the year after that for Reinhardt. I don’t even play Reinhardt, though, I just did it to add it to my skin collection.

Bringing back skins that some users pay for, for early access isn’t a good incentive for me. I’ll wait the year out, and use another skin, and save myself the 50 dollars, since that’s a pretty steep price for a skin anyway.

(Yeah, yeah - I know. I don’t touch any part of the blizzcon ticket, though. The only thing in it for me is the skin - the rest of the content is basically thrown out for me. Not saying any of it’s bad. I wouldn’t know. Only interested in the skin.)

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Exactly, I totally agree.

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Had one with demon sombra but it’s banned :upside_down_face: have stopped worrying about collecting skins since then.

Garammar parzis…