The Raynhardt skin

Always loved watching the number of people throwing fits over overpriced and limited Blizzcon/Blizz tie-in skins because the only other Blizz game I played was WOTLK so I never had any interest in them (yet I’ve got at least two of the Starcraft Widow skins without even trying).

And then they had the audacity to finally release WoW skins and Genji just looks ugly as Illidan and they made Symmetra Tyrande. They turned my beautiful girl into a hideous Night Elf. I’ve never been so insulted in my life.

Those two look amazing to me.


Yes but they returned at the same price than at release, so I wouldn’t expect Raynhardt to return as a free skin either, if anything, as it was part of a bundle maybe at a reduced price of 20 bucks at the lowest

To my knowledge, this skin will not be returning once the Blizzard Celebration bundle promotion ends on February 20th. After that date, the bundle will be no longer available for purchase and this skin will be gone for good. The good news is that the Celebration bundle is currently on sale at a discounted price. Remember you must pick up either the Heroic or Epic bundle in order to unlock the Raynhardt skin.

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Well, nobody expected for the sombra skin to be free when it returned but it happened.

Actually we did know it would be available outside of BlizzCon 2018… in fact I made a very big deal about it.

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Yes, everyone expected it, when it was sold it was stated clearly that it would return as a free skin, thing they didn’t state with Tyrande Symm, Illidan Genji or Raynhardt

So IF it returns, it’s gonna cost money or some premium currency


Not about the return but the fact that it is for free.

The fact they made it available for free was not really surprising, but at the time I wanted to make sure players knew that they had an option to whether to purchase the Virtual Ticket or not. For me, it was irrelevant because well, I actually went to BlizzCon that year.

Your opinion. Genji’s jaw looks deformed and he’s too much of a twink to really work the Illidan physique.

Also, no hooves. Why even live.

Tyrande is just obnoxious all around. I hate how Night Elves look, hate their lore, HATE that Tauren got shafted on the druid thing with Green Dragonkin because of them, and Tyrande’s holier-than-thou-can-do-no-wrong soft and sweet attitude as a character is insufferable.

At least I’ll always have Symm’s dragon skin and I can pretend it’s Alexstraza…

I actually remember people even complaining about it being completely free.

People complain about everything when something changes, especially when it benefits other players than themselves (and it doesn’t harm their experience in any way).


That’s so genuinely true it hurts lol


your opinion


Bringing overwatch to macOS and the suggestion of open Q are two great examples. I suggested both of these things and both were met with heavy opposition simply because people don’t like that other people might get something that they enjoy.

In the case of requesting features that are not yet available, there is always going to be a debate on these forums and in other community channels on the pros and cons of such a feature. What I am more or less getting at is that when Blizzard does something that is good for the game as a whole, there are going to be some people who want to complain about it. Some of those complains might be rational(free weekends, game sale discounts), but some are completely irrational, mostly due to some self-sense of pride of having something others didn’t before.

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Tyrande is everything but sweet. She is throwing tantrums since Legion.
But as skins in Ow? I like both of them.

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I haven’t played Legion, only WOTLK, but she was insufferable then and sounds even more insufferable now.

Half of the Burning Crusade problems are because of her, anyway!

Well, that is what you get when you mess with her husband.


“Tyrande, my love, where are youuuuuu?” -_-
OMG, I hated that quest line so much. And she was treating me like a trash, despite needing my help xD

well, she was annoying back than, but now she is full cringe, cause they gave her “raging Karen” mode for the whole 3 expansions.