Congrats Blizzard

There’s a bat joke in there somewhere…

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When the game is dead?

The definition of never happy


I mean con tickets aint supposed to be cheap chief-

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Do you still play Overwatch?

No just he forums.

So, just poisoning the well, I see.


Why?? Because it is crime to point out the declining playerbase?

Put lipstick on it all you want, the truth is the truth.

Apparently we can get it in 2019. I’m hoping it’ll be unlockable like a normal skin.

Had I known they would do the same with Oni Genji and Officer D.Va way back I wouldn’t of bothered to do the HotS event.

No, it isn’t a crime to try to poison the well. It’s just not healthy for you or anyone else around here. I recently stopped playing Guild Wars 2, and have moved on from the forums because it is neither productive nor healthy to hang out and complain about something I no longer take part in that other people enjoy. But you do you.


Why, you got 2 legendary skins for free 6 months before anyone else, skipping the randomness

I’m sorry that you think I care what you think.
I paid for the game, your no one to tell me what to do.

Please point out where I complained.

I am under no impression that you care what I think. But I’m still pointing out what you’re doing nonetheless.

Luck to ya.


No you just decided you were on some holy horse and you could attack another user.

You picked the fight. Now you’re complaining that you got hit in return. There’s a lesson there.


HotS was just a really boring game to play lol. I thought the skins were going to limited and never be released again so I soldiered through it.

Though it was cool having them for a while before others. Especially on console, I remember many console players weren’t too happy about that event.

I think it’s healthier. Event was scummy until they announced that stuff was released later. Let people get it guaranteed and free if they want, make the others wait 6 months and then get it the hard way. All these paywall things (especially the scummy Lucio emote) should be handled this way

Yeah, but how? Does it cost $100 to buy it later?

The format was not announced in any capacity.

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