Why are they giving Sombra Demon Hunter out for free?

They specifically said that was exclusive though. Sombra they literally said it’d be released later. This year’s Genji and Sym? Also exclusive. It might not follow the same pattern, but that’s why you have to look into it before you buy. :woman_shrugging:

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Watching people’s experience with fine print for the first time…


Literally because they said they would! Like seriously nobody pays attention to the fine print anymore.

Sure, I’ll give you the winston skin from before his release

Oíche Shamhna Shona Duit! ~WildPants


hahahaha complete sentence hahahaha

For everyone’s reference:

Full post detailing this here:


Well, will the skins this year also be given out for free later?

No. There is no disclaimer this year that the skins will be available later. If you want the Genji and Symmetra skins, please DO purchase the 2019 Virtual Ticket. See this post for more details:


“Meight”? What’s that?

Or, you know, OP didnt read the small text.

*“when” you were buying.

Reading is very hard.


You want skins just because others don’t have it and not because your taste? Weird.

If I like a skin I literally dgaf who owns it.

Maybe both, who knows?

no, they are exclusive for blizzcon, there is no fine print saying it will be avialable later

Because the 50 dollars was not for the skin. It was for the ticket. As well,they confirmed they’d be releasing it to everyone. If you seriously spent 50 dollars for a skin they said they’d be releasing later that’s on you.

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Probably because Blizzard realized that they need to have value in the virtual ticket or no one will buy it. After all, all the videos are put up for anyone to watch shortly after (like a day after).

They said they’ll release it in 2019 sometime

Did you read the fine print on the page? It was made known that it would be made avilable later on.

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