The sombra demon hunter skin

Oh wow, they did what they said they were going to do?

Wtf Blizzard. /s


It was said before you even was able to buy it that it gona be free
People and their lack of interest into reading what they buying…

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For the 500th time in the last 350 days: the skin was never $50. It was a perk IN ADDITION to purchasing the Digital Ticket, just like Lucio’s DJ emote was a PERK of buying last year’s OWL pass. You weren’t paying $30 for an emote. You were paying $30 for an all access pass that INCLUDED the emote as a BONUS!


Imagine buying a ticket just for 1 game and 1 skin, when you’re buying a ticket for blizzcon online access and not its rewards

Rewards are perks in addition to online access, you don’t pay $50 for a skin, you pay for content and you get a bonus for it.


It literally said in the purchase agreement that it’d be available at a later date.

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For everyone’s reference…


Thankfully it wasn’t a Diablo Immortal cross over purchase.

Crisis averted


Woulda been better if they had put it in a lootbox and made the Lucio “Gorgon” skin Week 3’s reward.

That way we could at least get duplicate currency if DH popped from a box.

If you already have the skin, then what’s the point of Week 3 for us? :man_shrugging:t2:

You bought a ticket; the skin was free bro. Stop and think… and it was written then that it would be available later remember? Thank you Blizz for doing the right thing on this btw.


You paid for the ticket not for the skin you don’t deserve anything

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I mean thoroughly read what you’re purchasing before buying

My guess is coins :man_shrugging:

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you didn’t purchase the skin, it was gifted to you for buying blizzcon tickets

You bought access to watch Blizzcon at home, the skin and other goodies are a bonus.

They even said it would be available later.

Also if you like the skin, then you got it early.
So what is the problem?

Read the fine print when you saw the skin, cry on the forums less.


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Clam down, sneuxflayke.

Bliar flat-out said Sombra would be available for free.

It said it right on the news page where you bought the ticket.

you’re actually an idiot if you bought the ticket just for the skin, especially because it was said AT THE TIME, the skin would be available for free eventually.

what literal neanderthal brainlet spends like 50 dollars for a digital cosmetic even if it were exclusive.

you’re not even a sombra main wtf

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If it makes you feel any better, I never bought the skin.

And I still don’t want it now, bc its ugly.

If you actually bought Blizzcon Pass to get one skin, you are dumb and deserved to lose that money. CLOSED.