Please don't hide skins behind paywalls

there is nothing new… its just more complex than what we got in overwatch.

they added lootboxes a year ago o something… but its not a major thing. you are not relying on any random chances… you can get everything directly.

As I said, they dropped with Blizzard World, which put all the games in Overwatch. This is the only other time they really unite. It’s sucks that you need it to fill out your collection, but it definitely relates to the event.

but it should relate the way the bastion and winston skins did, as epic quality, not as something amazing as legendary

I know, I play siege. That’s why I asked.

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Its not about random though. Its to celebrate the release/trailer drop of Diablo 4 which is gonna happen during blizcon. Every game is getting something Diablo related

The same thing could be said regarding the Noire widow skin but few seem up in arms about that :man_shrugging:

but if they’re gonna do this, then at least let me buy the skin as an individual item and not a whole package full of things i don’t care about

Its meant to be a prize for going to the blizzcon. Something to say thanks for coming heres a blizzard related skin. As for why they arent recolours, well its pretty trashy that you buy the ticket and all you get is a trash skin no ones gonna wanna use anyway. People deserve actual prizes not trashy recolours. At the end of the day this isnt pokemon and you dont need to collect them all. If you really really want to you can pay for it. Otherwise it doesnt really matter in the scheme of things

Well… It’s kind of a little late for that isn’t it? It’s already done. Complaining after the fact won’t change anything. Either buy the ticket and enjoy Blizzcon, and all the goodies for the other games that comes with it… Or don’t and continue sulking like a child.

Ultimately it’s your call.


You paid 30$ for Overwatch some time ago. You can’t realistically expect new content to always be free.

Also you can just wait next year when they release it for everyone else.

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i cant find where they said that, could i get a link to it?

so you’re telling me that i should give $40 to blizzard for one legendary skin. Plus people who buy the ticket, would buy it for the show. Its unethical to try put items like this behind paywalls. I don’t want to shell out $40 for a skin, i just want the skin. I already paid around $60 for the game to play on console. Plus you’re right this isn’t pokemon, this is overwatch, and i like my character and i would love it if blizzard didn’t hide these things behind paywalls

No you should give $40 for everything the ticket gives including the show, if you want to go. Buying it for one thing is dumb but if it means so much then you do you. Otherwise shrug your shoulders and move on. People who buy the ticket do it for the show, yes, but they are also happy to be getting exclusive rewards, something blizzard has been doing for a long time and they come to expect it. And now that its been done it cant be undone. They recently did that with the lucio emote and people are very upset because they were told it couldnt be bought alone so they paid the $30 and because people complained now blizzard has made it available for single purchase and those who did buy it are very upset.

Some things are for sale, some arent. Thats life and Bliz is a business who has to make money. Personally I think the whole blizzcon is just a con for money because why would i pay to see things thatll be on youtube within a week. But theyre a business and this is how you make money.

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my point is that i don’t care how much content is packed on with the skin, I just want the skin and if people we’re upset, then they should’ve made this skin available for individual purchase before releasing it. All that other content is worthless to me, and i’m not even available when the show happens so i can’t even take advantage of that. If they’re going to make exclusive rewards, why not make it psychical things, like a figurine or something. And yes this is how you make money, but its anti-consumer, and as a consumer i have a right to be upset about this, like i was with lucio, genji & tracer. I don’t want to shrug my shoulders and move on, i did that with the last three cosmetics. I don’t wanna remain silent any longer. This unethical and i’m speaking out as a consumer of blizzard products. I don’t wanna feel like I’m being milked for money is my point basically.

Look man you seem real upset over this id suggest taking some steps away from the computer and maybe even overwatch. At the end of the day a skin isnt worth the kinda anger and emotional distress your exuding in your words

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maybe not to you, but i feel very passionate about this

Good for you but it aint healthy. At the end of the day they arent doing anythign morally or ethically wrong. You can disagree with it if youd like. But thats just life

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The skin will be available next year in game.

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Here’s a link to a thread on it.

It’s at the bottom of the page.