What’s the dumbest thing this community has gotten upset about?

I think a lot of people have already forgotten but there used to be TONS of revert mercy threads. It wasn’t even funny.

For at least a 1 year and 1/2 there was thousands of revert mercy threads that dominated the forums and it was spearheaded by someone (I can’t remember their name) who ordered a “mercy brigade” on the forums.

Needless to say, a lot of people got banned and it finally stopped.


Well that would count as a dumb thing, not the dumbest thing, which would be the pinnacle of the arguement, which is the one I highlighted, because it was the circumstance where the win against flankers was earned, genuinely requiring the skill flankers talk about (and therefore ironic).

I dunno, the way they want to make kicking puppies sound difficult because of who they picked at spawn is pretty dumb to me.

Just the whole backward logic of selecting Genji being what makes them a skilled player and worthy of kicking puppies.


Sigma’s feet. What the hell was that all about? :-1: :rofl:

Also AriaRose. I’m glad I wasn’t on the forums at the time - at least not regularly, but I regret to admit that I was once a subscriber… :point_up: :woozy_face: That was how I knew about the forum raid. I’m very sure I saw a post of hers on here some time after, and she was just…unsurprisingly awful.


Probably Tracer revealed to be lesbian

The response to that was so stupid…

And the Soldier one wasnt any better

Like saying “my character is ruined!!!”, or something like that


JUST KIDDING many of you have fair legitimate concerns about the behavior and concept of “smurfing”, though some perceptions of this issue are a little overstated.

Aside from obvious troll posts, its often skin complaints in general. I think the “Mei-rry” skin outrage is probably the biggest facepalm from me. I myself am an artist, and I also know how much work the development team puts into skins. The arguments about the Dragoon Mercy skin are also becoming… annoying. You don’t have to like a skin (or any element of art in this game for that matter), but like all art I find it disheartening to where I see posts that begin to severely trash talk the development team for no reason, when in reality it takes as much as 2 years to even make many of these skins.

The problem is that the line of text saying this was one tiny footnote on a blog post on Blizzard’s website. See this topic for details:

I personally believe in many situations “limited-time” skins don’t need to be “exclusive”, though I understand the logic of most BlizzCon bonuses (Bastion, Winston) and preorder cosmetics for staying exclusive to that event. BlizzCon Virtual Ticket goes for sale for over 4 months each year so there is PLENTY of opportunity to get it. Preorder cosmetics I see it as a “thanks for having faith in us as we make this game” reward. Though I enjoy physical goodies more than preorder goodies myself.

Well in all honestly… I hate that purple ball myself.

This is more legitimate complaint to me. Much like Brigitta’s release, the rework of Mercy to some extent was not properly planned, but when you change a hero so drastically it can be very difficult to see how much the community will exploit it,

Four megathreads about this subject (including the third one which kept getting flagged to the point being locked for 24 hour intervals constantly) have appeared among both generations of the forums.

While the hashtag is a troll, the concerns about Brigitte were truly legitimate. Even Geoff Goodman admits to badly missing the mark when I asked him about the biggest mistake in a balance change.

The argument is equally seen when damage heroes are adjusted.

A former Youtube content creator by the name of Aria Rose was a huge advocate to the balance of Mercy. Frustrated by her perception that Blizzard did not care, she rallied her followers to spam the forums with posts on a specific date, Blizzard was made aware of this and deleted most threads and to my knowledge applied forum actions to those who spammed the forums (any legitimate posts with constructive feedback typically remained). I watched the whole incident that afternoon eating popcorn.

While I typically get aggravated when people trash talk about skins due to artistic values, these I see as more valid complaints, because they both bring in political issues. (In regards to Brigitte’s Riot Police the Hearthstone incident in October 2019 didn’t help matters.)


I’m inclined to disagree, simply because people relate them to political issues when there was clearly no intention. No video game company has ever fared particularly well by getting political, after all… :point_up: :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I understand why people get bothered, however I don’t necessarily consider their complaints as valid. Excluding the Brigitte skin, perhaps, because that was a mess. Complaints about Sigma’s feet and D.Va’s cop skin, however, will always get an eye roll from me.

No argument there, but I am just pointing out the reason why people do complain about these skins, you don’t agree with their reasoning (nor do I for that matter), but I still see the complaints to some extend valid.


I can tell you which one I’m most disappointed in…complaining about the pink mercy skin’s price even though it was for charity and a good cause…


I understand. :+1: :blush:

True, though in some ways those arguments would later become somewhat justified as Blizzard did try to sell the first two Overwatch League All-Star skins for $15 (they quickly lowered them to $10 after massive negative feedback). Pink Mercy in many ways was a way for Blizzard to test the waters on selling cosmetics outside of their Loot Box monetization systems.

I’d say… “can’t donate to bcrf anymore, theres no pink mercy”


Players voicing their Opinion on something like a skin.

You mean those ratings and comments about skins? Yeah :rofl:

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Yeah these past few days… I mean people are aloud to voice their opinions, but the way they Attacked people who did… wow a true /facepalm moment there.

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Im so tired of “its just a skin”

(Most) Players have no concept of what goes into a skin for a game of this graphical level and scale, on multiple platforms.

Even just the amount of testing that HAS to go into these “simple” skins.

I know of a particular mercy OWL team skin that was broken- But only broken on specific maps (Very limited, i believe it was actually only 1 or 2 maps)- Where upon loading into the game mercys wings didnt render properly, and there was some effort required to figure out why.

Things at this level, are complicated. Very complicated.

Woah! A green text dude replied to my thread!! I feel so special(this isn’t sarcasm I promise)

Well just remember, forum MVPs are not Blizzard representatives. I am just a player like you who knows a lot about Overwatch and I try to help other players with questions and problems as they play. If I was a Blizzard representative, I am pretty sure I would not be able to respond. Even as a forum MVP I have to be careful with what I say, but I am allow to have my own opinions and participate in the community.


OR you’re secretly a blizzard developer in disguise

No… not yet. I would join them if they choose to accept me. If I do ever work for Blizzard it will very likely put me in a position to where I must forfeit my participation on the forums, until then, I am happy to try to provide accurate information as possible, help a player fix an issue with the game, or just give them a smile if needed.