Sombra skin should be a timed exclusive

Not only some of us don’t have 50$, but the skin also is NOT blizzcon material, unlike the other two skins.

It would’ve been okay if they gave us blizzcon related epics but

A legendary skin for 50$ is a no no

Sorry, what?

You’ll be getting more than just 1 legendary skin


The skin is an addition, a perk, for supporting Blizzcon. If you don’t want to do that you don’t get the skin.

The world doesn’t give you everything you want and that includes exclusive event items for this game or anything else. I’m sure ppl will be trying to give away the skins. Maybe look for them?

Not everyone supporting blizzcon plays OW


but do people really care for that, have the time for that, and the money to put down for that? Answer is probably not all of the above or even 2 of the above. That’s just a lazy excuse for them to use in order to get away with doing this, please don’t defend this kind of action from Blizz/Overwatch/EA

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it is a timed exclusive, learn2research


Chill,it will be available outside the BlizzCon ticket next year

Defend? Why should you get a goodie your unwilling to pay for? It’s not food, water, shelter, medications, ext.

It’s a cosmetic for a game. If you are unwilling to pay the price then don’t buy it. I love those figurines they make but hell if I will pay 200+ bucks for one. I understand they set that stupid price and I apperantly don’t want it enough

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I feel like at this point people are just actively avoiding information


If you pray to jeff kaplan hard enough maybe he’ll release it again in 2019?

On the blizzard site it says that the overwatch bonus content will be available through other means in 2019, if you guys read instead of raging youd see.

Very bottom of the page.

This again. You’re paying $50 for the virtual Blizzcon ticket. It comes with a bunch of items for all Blizz games. It’s not $50 for a skin.

The hell is wrong with you people.

Sombra’s Legendary skin is based from the Demon Hunter class from Diablo 3