Stop commenting, got enought toxicity from this community

They said on the ticket that it would become available again outside of that Blizzcon in 2019 on the news page. The bundled price of that skin was around 7 dollars when you factor in the other items, and 10 bucks if you bought it on the Blizzcon floor.

It’s not a 50 dollar skin and never was one, so it was never impossible for it to come out in 2019 as part of some event or even for normal tokens.

You have only yourself to blame for not reading the page and got exclusive access to it for nearly a year. Get over it.


I find is suspicious that all the people complaining about Sombra skin are all 1 post accounts.


Remember, you paid for the ticket. Not the skin. And it was there from day one, that it’d be available.


Makes sense to me that some would be. People who don’t normally visit the forums are a lot less likely to be aware of nuances like this.


The weird part about this skin to me is that if you go to the skin in the hero gallery it says

Unlocked as part of the Blizzcon 2018 in-game goodies or by participating in the Halloween terror 2019 week 3 challenge

The implication being that this will not be available next year? Is that how all epics are going to work going forward? Or are they going to have to add a “or purchaseable for 250 token” line also next year

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I do think Blizzard was intentionally shady with it, but the fine print was all over social media so this is why, always do some research before you buy.

None of the challenge skins have come back, as far as I’m aware.


Yeah I get those…but now that event epics have moved to that format I wonder if they will be unavailable as well…event epics have always been buyable the following year…they only started doing this recently…wonder if they’re moving away from that

(And I realize this one is legendary…but what about epics)

The weekly challenges within events are new this year, so we haven’t yet seen what happens when the events roll around a second time, but it is possible that they will not return. You might notice on the event page that the weekly challenge skins have an icon next to their name distinguishing them from normal event skins, perhaps for that reason.

Either way, the DH Sombra skin isn’t classified as a Halloween skin, so it probably won’t return even if others do.

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I really didn’t believe they were going to do it. It is the first time a payed skin is given away for free.
Not to mention it was marked as legacy skin I think.

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Well, tbh I didn’t buy the ticket but at least a moving spray or an icon as exclusive reward would be nice for people who actually paid . My gf paid 50$ literally only for the skin she doesn’t care about other blizz games / the blizzcon and cmon don’t tell me reads the small print, blizzard never made such a thing as small print before never happend before so everyone thought it will be exclusive. I mean an exclusive icon wouldn’t hurt them for people who supported them for blizzcon 2018.

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I wonder how many people saying “The fine print said it’d be available!” are the same people who made threads demanding answers for the skin’s availability – because even they stopped believing Blizzard would keep their word.

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I knew Blizzard would keep their word (even though I went to BlizzCon last year), but I guess you can say, I am just glad to put my “demons” behind me on this matter…


Most likely. I think they want some of them to be something you only got as part of that event. They played with that idea at launch, but back then they had a disclaimer on the receipts of event boxes and on their website that ALL skins would be available for purchase using tokens.

So they were forced to back down and make that year’s summer game skins availble for tokens the following year.

I think now that hasn’t been a promise in a long time, they are trying it again.

Do you know anything about a special exclusive icon or spray for people who did support blizzcon and bought the 2018 ticket ?

I hope the Genji and Symmetra one be available next year.

That it was supposed to be added into the game anyway?

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There are no additional rewards for those who attended BlizzCon or got the 2018 Virtual Ticket. Please see this older topic for important information:

Based on everything we know, these skins ARE EXCLUSIVE TO BLIZZCON. If you want them, do not hesitate to get the 2019 Virtual Ticket. See this thread for details:


And its dumb to keep those exclusive.