Petition for a Blizzcon Sombra skin

Pink Mercy was exclusive though, and for a good cause.

You can get Demon Hunter Sombra on the ptr now so :man_shrugging:

I mean I didn’t feel bad when the Oni and Officer skins became readily available to everyone else.

I did the whole HOTS Nexus challenges and enjoyed having them.

I got them knowing they’ll be available at a later date because I’d rather spend coins elsewhere.


I believe they actually made demon hunter sombra available for 1000 credits on the ptr so thats some good news at least!

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I did those challenges without knowing that those skins would be available few months later.

I was frustrated, but not because everyone got it. Instead I wish they made it clearer on the promotion page.

HOTS challenges were a bit frustrating to players from HOTS, who voiced numerous times how “happy” they are to have random players who know nothing about the game and mostly care only about getting their skins ASAP.

Bought every other blizzcon ticket skins aside from this one as they tweeted saying you could get it further down the line in game.

You cant cry now cos u spent to get it early n now we get it for free.

Me: 1

Snowflakes: 0

I did buy the tickets back then not only for the skin but it help d greatly in the decision and back then they clearly told us that it would be available in 2019 everybody that bought the tickets only partly for the skin knew it would be.

If people that bought the tickets cry around now then that’s there own fault for buying it and they don’t have the right to cry around.

That is fair at least. Seems this time they’ve made it clearer about Sombra’s blizcon skin to avoid confusion. Same with pink Mercy.

Oh I have no doubt about that. But hey, it got me and a few others playing HOTS and enjoying it.

We all got to start somewhere.

Well, I enjoyed playing HOTS at that time too, I admit.

Same, see and that’s not a bad thing to admit.

granted I wasted a lot of in-game coin on re-rolls try to get the stuff I wanted :joy:

Technically fine print isn’t “explicitly”

I mean, I guess? But it was literally the only “fine print” on the ticket-

So its not like it was buried in pages and pages and pages of text, and wasnt exactly a secret.

Multiple sites talked about it:

(Its literally the name of the link, here- informing people)

“Sombra’s legendary skin will be available as a standalone purchase later on for players who aren’t interested in perusing BlizzCon’s content.”

It was announced on the forums by our own Wyoming:

From the moment people saw this skin and were concerned about it being a “blizcon only” thing, people were openly and widely talking about “it will be available later”.

You nearly had to be living with patrick star to not know that if you purchased that ticket, it wasnt going to be exclusive to only blizcon ticket holders.


It was talked about pretty much everywhere that it wasn’t going to be exclusive and that it would be released to the wider public sometimes this year. And there was a disclaimer if you bought the ticket. Nothing unfair about it


You’re absolutely right, and I don’t think anyone should be complaining about Demon Hunter not being exclusive. They should have released an exclusive Blizzcon skin like the Winston and Bastion ones though, because now the people that went don’t have anything to show for it

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I paid for the Blizzcon ticket. I’ve had my use of the Demon Hunter skin. I really dislike things that are locked away from other people and i’m happy others can get it. If only they’d do that for Noire Widowmaker (recolour) too.

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u mean demon hunter can be unlocked now?

Do what I’ll do now, stop buying tickets. I’ll just get the extra perks later for free.

If people bought the ticket just for the skin that’s their problem. The ticket was meant for blizzcon access and the skin was an extra early access treat.


They explicitly stated from day 1 the Sombra skin was given to Blizzcon ticket holders as early access - not as an exclusive. It said it would be available later in 2019. Sorry, but a ton of people decided not to buy the ticket because of this, and to all of a sudden make it exclusive to a ticket that you can no longer buy would piss a lot of people off. Nope.

We’ve known that they’d add it to regular loot for almost a year, cmon now.

Sorry, but I will not buy a ticket to blizzardcon this year, I understand that the European site was marked about exclusivity, but on the Russian one was not, at the time of purchase. How do I know that You or your representatives will not change the terms when you want or withhold information.