😡 Stop defending the Virtual Ticket

By adding it to the ticket, it adds value to the ticket and makes the skin more valuable. Also it’s not Halloween content, it’s based on a Diablo 3 character.

Also, the skin is a bonus to the ticket. You aren’t buying the skin, you’re buying the ticket.


No, it’s a 40$ virtual Blizzcon ticket and you get a free skin if you buy it. Stop whining, you don’t deserve everything, it’s perfectly fine to give people who want to support Blizz an exclusive skin.

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So don’t get it, simple. God this community is so entitled and whiny. I got a T-shirt when I flew to Amsterdam last month, how dare they charge me 400$ for a lousy T-shirt? Boycott Amsterdams tourism board.

  1. welcome to capitalism.
  2. the skin will be released for free at a later time, they have already said as much.

it kind of is considering it’s a crossover skin.

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So leave this forum ASAP, we dont want you here if you dont care about OW! BYE!

Blizzcon has always given 1 item for each game, get over yourself.

NOTICE: Demon Hunter Sombra will be available outside of Virtual Ticket at a later date idiot


This ain’t it

(More char)

When i see emojis in the title, i know a thread is gonna get good

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For most players, the skin is much more appealing than the ticket itself and Blizzard knows that, this is the real problem here.
People defending this need to realise when you lock an item behind an exclusive, overpriced, bundled paywall, it’s no longer ‘just a bonus’ when it is the ONLY way to attain that product.

It’s not a 40 dollar skin.

The cosmetic items are bundled into access to Blizzcon’s live-streams.

Don’t care about Blizzard’s other titles or Blizzcon itself? Well, sucks for you then. In that case, you really don’t deserve the Diablo-themed skin anyways.

Besides, it’s just aesthetics for a fundamentally broken and underpicked character.


so what you’re saying is they should take the $100 worth of stuff (the ticket plus 1 item for every game Blizz makes) and give it away for $10-$20 just because some people only play 1 game?

Now everyone will complain they have to wait to get the skin :joy:


The skin is not the only thing you get for $50, your getting an item from all of Blizzards games, Diablo, StarCraft II, Overwatch, World of Warcraft, Hearthstone, and Heroes of the Storm. You also get full access to the live streams and shows for 2018, its basically a digital replacement for those who cant physically go to Blizzcon

The skin is an optional feature, and Blizzard has every right to sell it along with the Blizzcon tickets. Heck, they aren’t even selling it—It’s a perk that comes along with everything else included!

We’ve gotten limited edition skins before (Winston and Bastion), so why is it such a problem now? Besides, the skin WILL be available in the months following Blizzcon, so players who were not able to participate will have a chance to purchase it.

To all of the people who are calling Blizzard greedy, that isn’t the case. They are a legitimate company with employees, deadlines, and a schedule to keep. They have to make a profit in order to stay afloat and keep producing content! If you’re willing to buy the ticket and accept the perks that come with it, you’re basically supporting Blizzard as a company. You’re helping them pay their hard-working employees and developers, you’re ensuring that new maps, heroes, and games will be created with your donation, and frankly, that seems like a sweet deal to me.

To those who don’t want to purchase a virtual ticket, then don’t! It’s completely optional, doesn’t affect game-play, and no one will give you a hard time about it. Simply don’t pester others into “boycotting” the ticket because YOU feel that it isn’t fair. It’s as easy as that.


I don’t see anything unreasonable about that.
Why are you talking about $100 worth of stuff when even blizzard doesn’t mark it up to that? not even half that.

Have you looked at what you actually get?

  • watch most of blizzcon from your home with specially dedicated cameras (neat)
  • $10 off a $60 goody bag… so you’re paying for a discount on an item that is traditionally a free gift ??? ) this is illogical for anyone that is not THE business themselves.
  • cosmetics across blizz games of which, the average player will only make use of 1 or 2.
  • the vod of last years blizzcon that you can just watch for free on youtube anyway, just like you will be able to watch the entirety blizzcon 2018 for free on YT the very day after it ends.

$40 please.

You’re complaining about the price of a thing that you’re not actually paying for, because it’s a bonus for the thing you are. If you’re only buying the ticket for the ingame cosmetic stuff, you have a terrible sense of prioritization with money.

Stop defending your… oh wait what are you defending again? The virtual ticket is for the content of Blizzcon, granted would you want to pay more money to go to blizzcon yourself and be bored in person as you would if you were to watch it online if you don’t even watch the content. Your basicly paying Blizzard to watch their content where you wouldn’t be there. The in-game content are technically extras. this content is for those who enjoy Blizzcon and all of their and not for those who enjoy just OW. so if your still saying that its for $50 for a single skin and ignore everything else your getting for the ticket. Your just playing off the heat of the topic to get attention that isn’t needed. Defend yourself and “$50 skin” topic all you want I can’t please everyone with this post.


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Players 2017: “Lootboxes are gambling! At least give us a way to purchase cosmetics directly!”

Blizz: “Okay, but we’re going to make them exclusive and have them be included with passes to our events. Kinda like we’ve done in the past.”


The level of ignorance astounds me. You just conveniently ignore all the rest of the items and bonuses you get with these passes and whatnot.
The OWL skins directly support the league.
The Sombra skin is part of the Blizzcon event and a reward for participating either digitally or physically.
The Lucio emote was part of the OWL premium set and came with twitch emotes, skins, etc.

They aren’t just “40 dollar skins” or whatever false outrage you want to present, they are part of a package.


The price for the Virtual Ticket has been the same every year for Blizzcon. Every year we include things that are going to be exclusive and usually 1 item per game. This has not changed for this year.