Are all the cool skins/emotes going to be behind paywalls now?

Is this what we can expect for the future of Overwatch?

50$ skins and 30$ emotes?


The Sombra skin and the rest of the items are going to be available in 2019, but paywall skins do annoy me

Is that actually confirmed with the sombra a skin? if so then source.

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OK chill. You do not know HOW they will be available.
And yes they will be pay wall items if people keep spending on them. If statistics show that people buy Blizzard will sell. Simple as that.

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Thanks for the reply but i found a confirmation of my own while scrolling the forums.

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I’m hoping not for a while more yet but honestly I kinda expect it at this point. Look to ESO for comparison. It was b2p. Then they introduced a real money store. Neat, I thought! Cool mounts and costumes! And it was.

Fast-forward to today, and almost all new mounts and constumes are locked in the ‘crate’ system, where you can spend $200 on crates and not only not get the item you wanted (but a lot of stuff literally nobody uses, such as ‘momentos’), but you don’t get enough of the new crate-specific currency to redeem the item you actually wanted, either. You only get those gems from dissolving duplicates, which means when you get your 12th momento and your third hat and your fifth face tattoo, all distinct to bloat the crates, you’re not making any progress towards actually getting this magnificent lava bear or w/e.

Monetisation is becoming less about consumers supporting the development of the stuff you want and more about maximising intake from whales.

That’s the exact reason I left eso for overwatch