All Star Skins Reveal

About which one?

Ha the Doomfist skin being bad and Zaryas being good.

Inb4 everyone gets blindsided by a Torb All star skin.


really sorry you have no taste.

Doomfist’s face on thunder skin looks scary af but everything else is amazing

This is not likely to happen. Demon Hunter Sombra was rereleased because in BlizzCon 2018, there was an official news post saying it would return in a future promotion in 2019. There is no similar wording for the BlizzCon 2019 skins. Details in these two threads:

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For me it’s the other way round :smile:

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The doomfist skin is probably one best skins in this game imo.
Zarya just looks garbage

Which is why we still need purple Doomfist with the infinity gauntlet


I love Orisa (before Sigma came out). and I got 500 tokens anyway. I will buy both skins, no matter what :woozy_face:

Maybe we play 4D chess and planned this with our requests

Oh no, I have all star stuck in my head now

somebody once told me…

Bat-singalling jeff kaplan

The all-star skins should be for Bastion and Brig. Just cause.

^ Bastion & Torb
I want to watch the outrage if they ever do this


The problem is people actually play Torb, he’s good right now lol.

Wow simmer down there. Was there no toy in your cereal box this morning?

Both of them are good. I wished I had tokens for the doomfist skin :pensive:

Lol no Sinatraa seemed disappointed but didn’t want to be rude

I haven’t really been that active on the forums and in overwatch in general, but knowing that we’ll get to see the skins tmr is actually kinda exciting!