Bring back the pink mercy skin ❤️

Because for one, A limited time offer no matter what company you may be from is just that, Limited.
And most if not all participants of that event purchased the skin with the assumptions that they would be allowed to keep it as a badge that they where there to support it.
And a lot of people will feel betrayed in that trust and may be discouraged from ever supporting such an event again if it happens.

And none of us has ever said that there shouldn’t be more cancer charity events, We just don’t want the skin to return for it. Make a new one.
It will still send the same message and more people will still flock to it for the same reason, and they will also have the experience from either participating in or missing the previous event.

You’ll still see the same results but all of you are too greedy for just the mercy skin to see anything past it.

I mean hell. Nothing stops you from donating without the skin either right? Should I call you greedy for not using your money to support the charity if there is no item of value to gain?


Might I ask; how long have people been begging for this?

Blizzard will consider bringing it back if they need to do a large money donation to write off on their taxes. Until then they won’t even consider it.

It’s not about fighting cancer for them, it’s about making money.

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I 100% agree. Honestly I don’t understand why they haven’t. I mean, it seems like they could only win if they did. They’d please the players that couldn’t get the skin at the time for whatever reason, they would get good press, obviously the money is going to a good cause. Heck I don’t see why they don’t do skins/events to raise money for other things like curing juvenile (Type 1) diabetes, preventing animal cruelty/saving wildlife, etc.


It happened to sombra demon hunter skin and all of the owl skins, your argument falls apart on those facts

Damn my guy, They came back once because blizzard said so back in the original postings for the blizzcon skins. And “gasp” they haven’t been back since. Wonder why.

Maybe cause they were still limited, They just had 2 advertised dates of release.

And from what I recall the OWL skins were never advertised as limited fully. Just limited time rotations.


Also are seriously telling me you value more having an skin that only a few select can have over getting even more money to help with research just to fill your empty life with your huge ego?

“Also are seriously telling me you value more having an skin that only a few select can have over getting even more money to help with research just to fill your empty life with your huge ego?”

This quote goes both ways Kiri.

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How? Im not the one retaining charity money just so i can feel special for having a skin that only a few have, i have all owl skins from first release and never minded when they came back so others could enjoy
Compkete different mindset

No, I just value people getting exactly what they paid for on the agreed terms. Blizz themselves said there were no plans to ever bring back this skin. Many people bought it because of that reason. It’s not an “ego” thing to expect what you paid for.


I just hope you nor anybody on your family gets that terrible disease, otherwise you wouldve wish more people funded the charity any way or another

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Really? That’s your counter point? How low has this conversation fallen… Last time I checked, Blizz only did this event once and if the skin was not announced as exclusive, we can both be sure it wouldn’t have sold as well, making less money for the charity, so as much of a low blow as that response was, it’s not even correct.


Hate to break your heart pal, but I don’t think any charity wants to associate with actibliz after their numerous scandals.


You continuously miss where Ive said we don’t oppose more charity events.
Your ego and greed for the skin itself is too massive to see past that however. You cant fathom another event coming with a new skin and none of you suggest that.

Its begging over and over, If you truly cared about a new charity event you wouldn’t place pink mercy on such a high pedestal as if its the virgin Mary of charity items, Its not.

Hell a new skin for a new event may even incentivise people more than the mercy due to them not wanting to miss out on the new one.

But no, We aren’t here for a new event with a new skin are we. You just want the mercy skin.

You don’t suggest new events with newfound ideas. You don’t suggest to donate without incentives. And you don’t suggest any new incentives for others if that is what’s needed.

You call me greedy, So I apologize for donating when it was time for the event. I apologize for donating when there is no event. I apologize for suggesting new events with new incentives for people instead of broken promises.
And I do so apologize for the family members I have that have survived this decease.

Screw off.


Check my posts, i did ask for a pink kiriko, yall just too focused on nobody getting pink mercy that rather watch people die than letting more people have a skin

Oh I apologize yet again that the suggestion for a new event and skin isn’t enough for your highness. Of course the pink mercy must be included how silly of me. Its pivotal to the entire concept of donating in any charity event. No one would ever donate without it. I sure wouldn’t haha.

Be careful there sir, The horse you are sitting on is awfully tall.


You’re, so sorry to tell you so, why do you think people hated that pharmabro who increased the price on lifesaving medicine?
Again yall preffer to gatekeep the skin that even if people got it just for the skin and not to help it woud fund so much money of people who missed the first time just so yall can feel special

Instead of small picking my albeit maybe to large for you to read post, Maybe deconstruct the argument in front of you like an adult and stop assuming the donations would only come if the mercy skin was involved.

I mean again people who normally dont donate would be incentivized to pay so why not? We arent the ones gatekeeping money here

Neither am I, Look at that what a coincidence. Its almost like a new event with a new skin without a limited old skin Would still generate money

Its funny how things work like that. But you keep telling yourself you are doing the righteous thing.

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