For the people wanting VT compensations

Always read the fine print. Seriously, if you take nothing else from this situation, take that.


did it say: if you don’t buy DH Sombra within the Virtual Ticket, you can optain it by playing in the week 3 of halloween event.

Did it say, if you buy the ticket, you’ll get 1 item less during halloween. ?

Thats the only thing bothering me.

that I don’t have a week 3 reward.

isn’t that terrible, but if it’s just empty i feel empty

You got nothing in previous halloweens? If you want to complain about duplicates you should probably start with the predatory lootbox system first.

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They basically don’t post on these forums - idk why anyone expects differently at this point.

The only miscommunication on Bliz’s part would be if Sombra’s skin didn’t come out this year. I think it was pretty obvious how perfectly Halloween fit for the skin - lots of people speculated this is when it would get released.

We were expecting it in normal lootbx at least this way it is somewhat exclusive to Halloween

You are referring to this?

It seems pretty clear to me, I see no communication errors.

The in-game items for Overwatch, StarCraft II, and StarCraft: Remastered will also be available separately in 2019—further details will be announced at a later date.


be happy that there are weekly event skins icons and sprays that you can play to earn in the first place. they couldve just given the skin for people to buy with 1k credits (since it has been a year so) in matter of fact, this way not many people are gonna obtain skin if they cant play during that time


You gotta work on your sarcasm radar a bit lol

They get a year of exclusiveness

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All that needs to be said: The situation is black and white. The items were announced to be available later on. If you missed the print then it’s on you. If you still feel entitled please consider not being an -

i mean it more as, it wasn’t clear that it will take one of the limited event slots.
Which I’m glad as this means the skin will become legacy after halloween.

Its more from a i can’t attend perspective, as there’s nothing to get from week 3 if you already have it.

I’m happy that other people can now use the skin I’ve had a year’s worth of early access to while also avoiding all the stress every time there has been a thread about “will it come back? where is it?”


Wasn’t trying to be sarcastic.

Blizzard literally stated it on the VT website BEFORE you even bought the ticket. They also stated it would be available to everyone in 2019 ON THE STAGE.

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I mean that’s cool and all, but if we’re being fair, that doesn’t really compensate anything. We were all gonna get a spray and icon for the 3rd and 6th wins regardless. The 9th win is what people want compensation for, and that’s still nothing.

Meanwhile non-VT holders didnt have the skin for a whole year, versus you won’t have a week 3 reward that’s basically just 1 week.

We felt empty for 1 year, you for 1 week. People expected it to be in the base Halloween boxes. Guess what, it’S even better for VT-holders. That means Demon Hunter Sombra is an exclusive to only VT-2018/Week 3 HT 2019.

Next year at Anniversary and at HT 2020, nobody will ever be able to unlock it. So it’s still an exclusive, the difference being you guys had a 1-year window exclusivity and non-VT didn’t. Besides, isn’t the first 2 rewards out of the 3 not unlocked even (icon+sprays), pretty sure that was not part of VT-2018. So in theory, you still get 2 rewards.


gets teeth bashed in with battering ram

This whole thread boils down to “ I am upset because Jeff Kaplan did not come to my home, bonk me on the head, and read me the fine print and show menthe announcements in person.”


Important reminder that Wyoming is just another player like the rest of us. His MVP title doesn’t really mean a whole lot beyond the fact that he’s particularly helpful with tech support. Pretty much all info he gets is still public information, which we all have equal access to. He’s just also really good at tracking the stuff down and relaying it to the rest of us plebs, precisely for cases like this.


LOL People on here can barley read a few paragraphs, let alone a few sentences.

Maybe “people should learn how to read” is moreso the thing here.