Demon Hunter Challenge

So we all know the Demon Hunter Sombra skin is going to be available via “other means” sometime early this year, given what they’ve been doing with skins that aren’t a part of Events lately, I feel it’s safe to say we’ll have to unlock it through a challenge, hopefully with more goodies to get as well.

As it is a Legendary skin I expect we’ll have to do more than Nano Cola or Bastet asked of us to unlock it

It’d be cool if it was achievements based on her kit
Have to EMP 10 people in one QP match and hack at least 30 people
Etc etc

buy something unlock skin is what I expect

Considering it was basically behind a paywall


Blizzard said that Demon Hunter will be added to the general lootboxes in the future, just like Oni Genji and Officer, but for now it’s an exclusive reward from the Blizzcon ticket.

Oh? They confirmed that? Do you happen to have a source?

Please provide proof of this statement

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this is incorrect

Blizzard said it would be available by other means in 2019
Players assume that a pay wall character will be free, Never confirmed by blizzard

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an actual link backing my statement

When it does return, ik for a fact people are going to be upset bc “It should’ve been exclusive to the blizz ticket!”

Just like with Oni Genji and Officer even though they said it’ll be obtainable in the future with them as well.

I own Demon hunter Sombra and I know it will come out at a later time that’s cool

However I don’t see it being free
Maybe a diablo mobile tie in

Eh, I guess we’ll just have to wait and see

yeah building my boat now for all the incoming tears

I mean it really doesn’t matter what they decide to do to me, I’m just taking a shot in the dark

If they are going to have a challenge to unlock I’d say something like win 9 matches in quickplay, competitive or arcade with you or another teammate playing Sombra for the majority of the match.

I’m still banking on another BlizzardWorld-type event that will be included with it. We got the current Bastet event, then Lunar New Year, which leaves Late February to all of March for another event. More Blizzard cosmetics and stuff. The devs have openly said they would include more franchises into OW if demand.