The ‘recolour’ just looks like a shoddy photoshop to me.

I can’t duplicate stupid ~WildPants


Could be, who knows?

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It’s really different from the purple tho. They would have had to put a lot of work into it.

Poor lighting/picture probably

I can’t duplicate stupid ~WildPants

Trolls have a lot of free time these days, shakes fist Thanks Covid!

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Hey everyone just to clarify a few facts.

I reviewed the news blog posts and the videos of the original promotion, nowhere is it listed that Pink Mercy (or frankly any other skin for that matter) is posted as a one-time exclusive, now they do say limited time, meaning there is only a small window of opportunity to acquire the cosmetic. Technically yes, the skin could return. However, any cosmetic item that is listed as a Legacy item is not expected to return.

The only time a Legacy item was ever re-released was Demon Hunter Sombra, however that is because we were notified in advance at the time Demon Hunter Sombra was available in 2018 BlizzCon Virtual Ticket that the item would be released again sometime in 2019, and this promise was fulfilled during the 2019 Halloween Terror event. I do not expect Demon Hunter Sombra to be ever made available again.

As far as the graphics from the tweet goes, they “appear” fake. I don’t know this Tomy person at all so I can’t vouch to any legitimacy of this alledged leak. The thing that makes these graphics look fake is the background staging for the graphics, the background does not match any previous menu stage (even the pure white Overwatch League menu stage). The pose of the mercy crouching in her laughing emote, seems irregular and not to Blizzard’s marketing quality. I am personally speculating this is user created.

That being said, in the long run, speculating over leaks is one thing, but I encourage everyone here on the forums to voice whether you want to see this skin or any other limited time skin to return. No promises that we will ever see any limited-time skin return from the Legacy vault, but it is feedback that Blizzard does deserve to hear.


I mean if it would be true that they would add the pink mercy skin i do agree with you OP that they should add all the other skins in as well for those who missed out.

Like why only pink mercy? The other skins deserve a 2nd chance as well.

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There was a purple disk in the photo. I also looked up a photo to compare the normal purple to the purple in the photo and it’s a really good match. The pink would be hard to create with the reflection and everything plus the white background.

I’m just trying to say that it looks hard to try to create and I can’t believe someone would spend that much time and plan in advance just to do this.

If this does turn out to be true, AND if they let us purchase it with real money again, I’m going to do a giveaway for one when it hits live.

Not sure what I’ll do - if I’ll make it a fun little contest or just draw names with a random number generator, but I think that’d be fun.

This is only IF I’m able to do that, though. Chances are slim that it’s real and we’ll be able to purchase it like before, so… we’ll see.

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It looks really similar to the OW anniversary lootbox stage. I just looked up a lootbox opening video from last year to compare. The only stage with all the hero’s is the main menu otherwise it’s always that white stage.

The ceiling of that stage has a patterned hexagon dome. It is very noticeable.


Mine has really messed up quality but all I can see is shading as if it was taken from a YouTube video. Which connects to the story of the Brazilian playoverwatch accidentally posting the video early.

I may be wrong but I’m looking for something like the blue hexagons for GOATs brig.

The skin was just a reward for the donation, you actually didn’t bought the skin so it’s not “scummy”. I myself did the donation and I enjoyed the skin but after all this years it doesn’t matter if they add it now, aniversary is a good oportunity to celebrate and for second chances in getting items, so if they come for some weeks is not the end of the world. People deserve second chances.

Still this seems to be a fake.

Again, I am speculating it is fake based on everything presented, but I could very well be wrong. And as far as I am personally concerned, hell… bring back the Mercy skin if it can raise another 12 million.

To give a reference, here is a crisp screenshot without menu elements (Alt+Z) of the 2017 menu stage for anniversary…

Now here is the same screenshot with me manually adjusting the lighting contrast to high levels… see the hexagon 3D form in the background? Also notice how the shadows of these figures surround the figures rather than be focused from a single light source (the tweet picture shows a bland cast shadow in one direction)


If it goes again to BCRF, yes. Else, no.


I’m blind!

I wasn’t sure what I was looking for so my brain didn’t see it at first but now I can’t not see it.

Tho the hexagons were in the original photo but it was too bright to see. Since they do have the shading around the edges it could mean the background got darker with the purple disks we need an official name for these. I hate calling them disks. aswell.

I may just be allowing myself to believe it’s real because I want the skin but I guess we will find out.

If they did bring it back, it should still be 15$ and for charity. I never got it and I doubt that they would bring it back but it’s scummy to do it through lootboxes

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And this alleged leak might be real, again based on what I can tell from the poor image quality, I am not personally convinced. There have been dozens of publicity tweets like this (some that I will report to Blizzard if the tweet is made up to where it looks too official where change profile icon and name as well). In the end, one day we may get it. Jeff Kaplan himself has said “never say never” to new features and content for Overwatch.


It’s a screenshot from an apparently youtube video.

If it comes from a lootbox I’m going to be pretty annoyed as it was supposed to be a charity skin.

If it’s coming back it better be for Charity again.


Its obviously fake, no one opens a lootbox and doesn’t get a single common item.

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