The Love Rocket Mount NEVER Drops

It’s working then. Just like the people who buy 50 tickets for a huge lotto prize that they’re still not going to win.

Engagement goes through the roof during the middle of what’s normally an off-peak time of year for video gaming.


The problem is that works for me because i’m addicted collector even when this drop rate its just a masochism design for a game which should have a balance from players with 1 to N characters, actually due to that “balance”, we got the 7.3.5 update with minimum level that previous was 14, because Devs considered injust for players with few characters that other players used a ton of 14+… they just made this farm worse.

But regarding your point, we need engagement for the whole playerbase, Devs need to revamp the holidays to bring life to the game during droughts, they can introduce Worldquest on all continents around the holiday, solo challenges, brawlers guild special bosses and pvp brawls with specific holiday powers.


I totally agree. I miss it when holidays were something that a lot of people participated in. Not just in dungeons but in the open world. Many fond memories of back when we actually defended our faction fires during Midsummer. :woman_firefighter: :fire:

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Oh girl, you don’t need that rocket to justify your worth.
Get a [vial of the sands] and let him go.

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Just be luckier, lol

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Yep, this isn’t fun. I’ve done the event a dozen times a day on my characters before in previous years and probably would be doing it again this year if I didn’t have other real-life stuff going on.

Right now, if you want to maximize your chance of getting the mount, it’s in your best interest to repeat this event every day on as many characters as possible. That’s… mathematically correct, but not a great experience.

We hear this frustration and the good news is that we’re discussing this issue amongst the team and evaluating possible solutions for holiday events in general. The bad news is that even if we do end up making changes, they wouldn’t be in time for this year’s Love Is In the Air holiday event.


For starters remove the instance lockout this year for runs.

But genuinely thank you for the feedback on this topic!


Thank you for considering making it easier.

Just a thought, put a high token cost on the mount.


Make it easier. This is ridiculous. Everyone should get a rocket.


What would be nice is if there was an option in place to freely trade with other group members that don’t have holiday mounts they’ve like everyone else who tried for years upon years to get, if your character gets it and already has.

I mean honestly no one needs 5 extra Brewfest Kodos from Direbrew.


The original Headless Horseman mount was way easier to get because you could run it way more times with friends.

The pre-group finder one had you enter the dungeon instance, and everybody had a candle. Each candle could summon the Horseman once. You could also bring in more characters/alts with their candles and summon him more.

It was a social experience, you could do it over and over with your friends, and the number of times each character could do the fight was way higher (instead of once per day).

Allowing people to do the fights like that, rather than be locked into once-per-day-through-LFD-only, would help out a lot.

First year of Hallow’s End, we got the entire guild Horseman mounts.


Well with 15 accounts and 50 chars per account now been running all of them daily so hoping this is the year.

Because farming this for 14+ years doing at least 10-20 characters per day… yeah it’s a blast.

I can’t remember when I got my tracker mod but I’m sitting at just over 1000 attempts and am currently running 20 characters per day. This is smaller than the last few years pools and I’m not even counting my second account.

Bad luck protection should be a thing, specially on an item that requires people to do something like 3000+ attempts to get and even then it still can not drop.


I hear ya there.

Well, thanks for chimesing in!


Wow a BLUE drop!!! Congrats OP, these are so much rarer than the rocket :wink:


Oh my gosh a blue appeared. Chimes chiming in.

Quick throw a Master Ball to catch him before he gets away!


Holiday mounts that are drops in general.
I’ve literally never seen one drop at all in the runs I’m in.

And because I only play one character, I’ve pretty much given up trying at this point

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I honestly had completely forgotten about this system, because all of the overlapping years of doing it in LFD wiped it from my memory. Now I’m wondering why the heck my guild at the time didn’t do something similar. I only just got the darn horse last year. :angry:

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One of the withered is running away! Catch him before he is lost in the tunnels!