Nobblegarden - Daily Attempt...again?

Find a giant golden egg that appears in the area and drag it to Daetan’s nest to summon him. Defeat Daetan daily for a chance at some desirable new rewards:

Didn’t Reward Devs learned that this isn’t a positive approach to rewarding players for a temporal event?

The worst part is that a reward Dev admitted this and proceed with RNG in future events…

The C.C previous members brough this topic in the last live chat and multiple threads:

Players already claimed after Arfus and the Saddles were introduced with a really low %, Can we’ve some BLP for items introduced? maybe the item added to a vendor or something interesting that turn this into a goal?

Dev said clear, they don’t want to make it like you’re wasting your time…then proceed with this approach for holidays…and proceed to talk about how the Ilidari mount from the anniversary event is in a vendor now…then do the same with Holidays…1 year RNG, Next year is moved to a vendor…add new rewards.

And there’s a clear problem with Devs keep saying the buzzwords “respect time” but don’t mean it.

I know this is a doom thread since we don’t have the actual % for tomorrow’s event but compared to other MMORPG or in general games with holiday events, there’s a clear abuse of RNG as a reward system and that it has been a failure for a part of the WoW community that spends years looking for an item without any progress to show off or to feel like there’s a finish line.

I hope they address this thread at some point but C.C is also ignored most of the time:

C.M took this thread from a former C.C member, changed the title and that’s their job:

Since that comment from C.M , We’ve some events, Why they don’t ask that sample of players if they notice good or bad changes…etc after the Winter’s Veil and Love is in the event that happened after that thread, they keep radio silence and the events keep the same format due to that, the feedback doesn’t seem like its being communicated to the Dev team.


At least this time isn’t instance content, therefore; Collectors with 20-50 alts can do a lot of attempts per day with a 1% drop ratio, its going to be almost a 100% hit but a tedious grind.

However, this is still a bad reward design because Devs are doing a 1% drop when there’s players that use only few alts and doesn’t have the same numbers of attempts, the issue of throwing as much attempts as possible persist, that was already mentioned by Chimes 2 years ago with the Love rocket, its mathematically the best approach but that doesn´t mean its fun.

Can we get events that prioritize the fun process that leads to a goal?


Stop doing these events and they will learn. Keep doing them and you’ll continue to get them.


The events that I can still enjoy and take part in are the events that don’t give me everything in a day.

The items that are still interesting and sought after are the items that aren’t given to everyone.

In fit of envious rage you could turn everything into a skinner box, “press button, get loot” game and make everyone the same with the same things, or you could accept some people will have things you don’t, and you might get things they don’t, and still have a range of low chance and long term goals to work towards.


You’re right, We’re not talking about free loot, we’re talking about goals…you do progress towards a goal, Holiday events used an abusive RNG % without any limitation isn’t a goal for the player, you don’t do progress at all.

It should work like the Legendary weapons with a BLP even if the player doesn’t know the exact % increase per attempt, every attempt will provide progress or a vendor for currency.

Usually Collectors ask for a meaningful way to acquire the items eventually at some point and some players confuse that with handouts .

And this is the problem, It’s not a clear goal because you don’t do progress, its a sloot machine that could take years and years.


Not happy about this as a mount collector.


No one is asking for everything in a day.

Love is in the Air was partly a step in the right direction: it took the whole length of the event to buy something on a character.

Oh please. :roll_eyes:

People need to go play other games and learn what good event design looks like.


Hopefully it’s just not a stupidly low drop rate

This is so true for holidays…Other games implement a lore , fun experience with a goal for players that are committed to do it for a reward.


the hearth and outfit look cute


Yep. I’ve been burned once too often on limited time extremely rare drops that I’m not even going to put any time into Noblegarden this year.


The minute I find out there’s a low RNG droprate on something for a holiday, I just nope out. Life was infinitely better noping out of Hallow’s End and Love is in the Air bosses.


They say a lot of things. They often say what they think players need to hear, then continue as previously.


It took me almost 10 years to get the headless horseman’s mount and I only ever used it on my warlock until the purple dreadsteed entered the game.

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The thing is, the mount is supposed to be a bonus to try to bribe people into propping up some really boring content. A lot of people say it’s bad, then then do it anyways.

What I’m saying here is that it’s working, and doing what it’s designed to. Which is boost the participation metrics of the holiday events, and keep queue times down.



I’m not doing the same thing countless times every day, I don’t have a love rocket and I never will, the same for this event too

advise for you all, just stop doing it, you dont need it, its a recolor


I just want the ears to be year round. Couldnt care less about the other stuff. Got the achievement a decade ago. Was looking forward to the updated Noblegarden. “Was”


So don’t do it. You don’t need anything from this event.


Even If I don’t do it, We can ask for changes, so we can have better events that we’ll eventually do it.


They say things like they see us and they respect our time, but then continue with fomo rewards that nobody wants. It’s almost like they’re trying to make people angrier with each event as we get closer to TWW.


Agreed, sit it out if you don’t like it.
Clearly what they do is working, otherwise they wouldn’t do it.
If we want them to stop doing this kind of content, the best way is to not participate in it.