Buff X45 Heartbreaker MORE

Well RNG isn’t only the drop rate value but also the attempts available, this is really low for only 15 days, that’s why over the years players used as much alts as possible as a way to fight odds for several mounts. Something can be really low, but if you can do infinite attempts in a really short term, then it gets easier to grind, maybe it’ll cause burn out that’s where the “fun” part should be consider by the designer.

So, not every mount drop rate should be the same but it should consider the amount of attempts available for each player, I’ll suggest even considering players that only play 1 character as minimum.

I got a lot of mounts and actually I use all as favorites, there’s different players and some players like a mount for the color like the whole “there’s not enough pink tmogs in game thread” that was posted on CC forums and replied by Devs which was addressed via Trading post.

I’d love to find an addon or the implementation of favorites per character, so I can have a set of specific mounts for each tmog/character…etc

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To speak for myself, this defo causes burnout. Last year I quit halfway through because it just sucked that much. That “unfun” part of this farm hasn’t been solved.

That’d be awesome.

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Maybe, I’ll have to quit next week, since I´ve a business trip, I could do some runs but I won’t have the same amount of time or energy.

Not all collectors are like that…I have wanted the Love Rocket from the very first time I seen it in game in 2010 when it first came out…I finally got it last year…I now have the best two mounts in the game…The Love Rocket :rocket: and the Magic Rooster Egg mount :chicken:…I use the Rooster mount when grounded …all the time had Rooster since WoD…


That sucks. I hope we get another buff before then :pensive:


I’m going to be negative but I don’t think so…

CMs like Kaivax, Linxy are just messengers, these CMs don’t interact with the community or ask for concerns or start a proper discussion topic on the CC forums with their selected sample of players.

I expected something from a reward Dev like Chimes, a proper reply with their insigh, just like this Dev did last year.

Unfortunately, all the “we heard your feedback/ we know it’s frustrating” only applies to some content and there’s a lack of communication with the player base since Council failed too.

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Just dropped for my DH, first time ever doing it on her. Was it really that rare?

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This just in! Rare mount is still rare.

In other news, the sky is blue and water is wet.

Now we go to Ollie Williams for the Blackie weather report. Ollie?


I’ve 2225 attempts registered by my tracking addon, maybe more in total. Doing 52 attempts per day this year. It’s really low but this year Devs buffed only the first attempt per day, However; We don’t have the value of this new increase drop for the first attempt.

In order to get maybe a probably value, We’ll have to take a sample (maybe 100 accounts) run the first attempt for those accounts during some days and check everyday how many accounts get a mount, since it can be duplicated too, but it’s almost impossible to coordinate that kind of testing :thinking:

Drop rates of this order of magnitude for collectable items, especially limited time holiday items, do not encourage healthy gameplay. Beyond that, they are not only not fun, they are infuriating goals to pursue.


Pretty much.
And especially when it’s this old too, I feel like that should be taken into consideration. There’s defo people that have farmed this for the full 15 years without luck.

It’s just not fair.


Also the logistics, If we do as many alts as possible, then we may trigger too many instances error each 10 attempts, also We must level up all our alts for the next expansion otherwise those attempts doesn’t count due to the minimum level required.

They don’t need to fix the limit instances or change the minimum level if the event was fun and have a good reward design.


Only thing we can hope for is that Blizz’ sees this and buffs the chances again or add an alternative method of obtaining.

And I believe somewhere on wowhead it was mentioned that getting the Heartbreaker was rarer than getting struck by lightning or something?

So the chance that Blizz’ sees this is higher than me getting the mount this year…



You might have a point. Been running this with 43 toons and I haven’t seen one person get it yet. Not talking about myself, I mean anyone. I hang around for everyone to open their box.

… that’s a lot of people not getting it.


Yep, I’ve been doing the same. Haven’t seen any drops in my groups or in my guild. All I’ve seen are shared screenshots from Discords.


I’m doing 52 attempts per day, so far just saw 1 mount during the first 2 days.

It’s really difficult to calculate because, We’ll need a big sample like 100 accounts and run the dungeon first attempt for several days and check how many mounts drop for each day.

We don’t even have the % value of that first attempt, the whole solution is really bad and collectors like me are doing every run possible due to the lack of transparency.


I got news for you. There is no “value.” It’s ALL “just pixels.”


I always forget to open mine before I leave the instance.

Not that it matters for your statistics since I already have the mount. Presumably it doesn’t drop if you already have it, right? I mean, how much would THAT suck? Couldn’t even give it to someone else in the group.

Yes it does and you can’t trade it…

Yep event mounts can drop duplicates and cannot be traded as well. Would be nice if they were personal loot from the boss instead of a box on top of increasing drop chance.

I remember years ago I was running Headless Horseman with my then-bf and he got a duplicate, he even made a GM ticket in the hopes he could give the mount to me. Sadly he could not.

Atleast that one isn’t rare like Heartbreaker, and iirc I got it the year after that.

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