GD: Holiday Events in WoW

Hi GD,

I already provided my feedback on the lack of updates for Holidays on the beta forums:

Maybe, it’ll be consider by Devs, if they actually implement something new

Now that We’ve one of the first live chats, there’s space for more feedback:

Maybe Questlines shouldn’t be only focus to the expansion release and every other patch, I’d like to see new questlines on the Holiday events, something fun.

A questline that I don’t have to rush because the first week of dungeons, pvp…etc

Besides, that M+ Affixes, World PvP, PvP Brawls, Word Quest, some invasions like pre patch events could be added to these holidays, I added screenshots and examples on my other thread.

Do you feel like there’s an Holiday active in game?

Do you remember that some transmogs can only be used during a brief period of time?

What’s other things that you would like to see on Holidays?

Because right now, I feel like this content has been forgotten and the only thing around is a frustating low % mount that you must try with every alt and the Devs move the goal with each expansion (Moving the epic loot box 10 levels).


Well, I’ll definitely enjoy OW2 event :sweat_smile: