Mechagnome Love Thread 🥰

Imagine Mecha-Bunny Chicks and Mecha-Cat Girls :thinking:


I’m listening…

Its gotten kinda quiet… Hope everyone is ok.

Me too!

Might be helpful. I could use some parts and brand new ones cost so much.

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The new WOW races come 10.0 :wink:


I think this is one of the longest standing AR celebration threads now. The discord itself is not doing that well though. Its rather inactive.

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Hey! What’s up everyone? Does there happen to be a mechagnome customization thread going? I went to the barbershop today and realized how few options there are in terms of hair, hair color, and facial hair. I could use some more!


Its a bit old and rusty but I had one awhile ago.

Feel free to peruse.

I wouldn’t know. I haven’t been checking such things.

There hasn’t been anything to get excited about for us so its logical that few are participating right now.


Yep. I don’t think its really need anymore to be honest.

Its your server. It would be a shame to see it go, but that is up to you.

Mechagnome fans deserve a place to go and hang out but if its not getting used… well its not getting used.

If you do end up stopping it, I’m sure that in the future if there were ever a need again someone will start one up.

Thank you for your time and effort giving us a place to rest and enjoy regardless.

Mechagon Prevails. :gear:

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I will leave it up anyway. At least its something.

To much like gnomes, harder to eat. No love from me!!

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Mechagnome.

I see them every now and then. Their racials are very good for PvE.

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Freakish lil wobbly terminators…

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We’re around.

Hopefully when 9.1.5 drops and people don’t have to worry about dungeons to unlock us you’ll see more.

Mechagon Prevails!

Our racials are also very good for pvp.

We actually came out with some of the better racials of any AR…

Even after a bit of a nerf.

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Not to double post but I’m excited so…

I hit 60! At long last. Also went ahead and acquired my new platform to house Hati’s spirit and my refined Chi Assisted Platform and Stabilized Tactical Operations Networked Experimental. Version 1.

Also known as… C.A.P.S.T.O.N.E. Mk I.

Using all the skills I’ve yet learned with the assistance of those in this thread and what I’ve so far learned from the denizens of the Shadowlands. Very excited to get things going again.

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Nice! Congratulations!

C.A.P.S.T.O.N.E. eh? What does that do again? :L


I’ll admit…

I fiddled with the name to make it say that. They used to be my D.A.W.G. units. The Kyrian designed mechanical defense drones they use? The cat looking ones?

Went with Capstone as I think this model will be the best of autonomous defense units I could possibly make. My own personal Capstone to the whole project to improve them.

I figured their Kyrian design was a little more robust and better designed than the shaky sparking units I was utilizing before. So I “redesigned” (Tamed the hunter pet) my unit frames to utilize Kyrian Anima Forging to create the frames.

Throw in a Fel core to power the whole thing suspended in a lattice of a Light based cages to secure it and reduce the Fel radiation. Of course the usual systems to allow them to cloak periodically and restore internal systems that may have taken damage in the field. The regular defense matrix and a command module to allow them to react to me without any clunky controllers. Oh and Draenei crystals infused with various materials and energy sources to allow them to do damage to any sort of creature I might run into.

The main component though is a Psuedo Chi System that allows me to store a literal spirit within the frame to give it its own level of autonomy. In this case Hati’s spirit.

(Just a bunch of ridiculous sounding things to explain for my own RP how they work. lol)


:joy: I see.


I need to write a resignation letter to Lady Moonberry.


Planning to switch Covenants?

Which one are you going to?

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