9.1.5 Content Update Preview

Players have been beta testing since 9.0 so is 9.1.5 the release candidate?

I like that Blizzard are choosing to engage with their community on the forums. I think if they continue to do this, we’ll see a more productive attitude here and less frustration and bitterness.

Keep Doing This!


Such a cowards saying, nothing else to say about your opinion?

Here is some water, you’re quite thirsty.

Watch them increase it by just3 item levels and say the rest is a skill issue.

Haven’t seen too many of my compatriots around so I thought I’d add my old thread about mechagnomes customizations for Blizzard to peruse.

Thank you for your time!

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How does the M+ Timewalking going to work? Would the gears be upgradable with Valor points? just like Shadowland’s M+ Gear?

ptr 9.1.5 today ?

I think its Oct 5th they said earlier?

EDIT: Wait I’m dumb you said Ptr. >.< Ignore me.

I hope so. I want to see the customization in game already :eyes:

There’s a confirmed date for release? :open_mouth:

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Yes though I don’t know if its shifted since. I can’t remember which of these threads it was but it was said I think by Linxy.

So after reading through the notes, I’m a tad bit disappointed. I was really excited by the prospect of getting to level any alts I still wanted to level through Torghast and Threads of Fate, as I do enjoy the concept of Torghast, as does my wife, with whom I level alts. But then I see the notes today and it states a “daily quest involving Torghast for experience and Soul Ash”, which is cool and all, but that’s not really the leveling involving Torghast that I was kind of hoping for.

It would be nice if we could have a leveling version of Torghast to kind of take alts through, if we’re tired of doing the dungeon que/quest objective grind to level other characters.

Just a thought.


Same. I was really excited for the opportunity to just level via Torghast :frowning:

Swing and a miss.


I do agree with this. Was hoping it was something we could just hang out in, not just a once-a-day deal. Still, it does help break up the monotony a bit, so it’s better than nothing.


All of these improvments are so incredible!

Only thing I can add off the top of my head other than MORE character creation options is:

  • Account Wide Balance of Power weapon skins unlocked.

Ive done it 2.5 times and I just caaaaaaaaant anymore.


Best patch ever? I recall some “and then the servers stopped crashing” patches. But these improvements might be better.

Oh, wow, this would be amazing!

Still nothing about new heritage armor sets. Disappointing.


You are assuming a lot. Actually, assuming everything.

No one is saying that players unsub massively on July 1. Not even with the lawsuit. the thing is that players have been declining since a lot earlier with the long 9.0.5 eternal cicle. Maybe a lot of those people didnt even know what Korthia is.

No no, is not physically impossible. Is very really possible. Is it probable? Maybe not, but no one is saying what you say.

If 50% of people left the game, the least impacted people would be the high end raiders. Those are the tryhard, the neckbeards that are gonna be probably the last one leaving. The first people to leave is the less invested and the people that see the short end of the systems more often.

High end raiders dont care about Covenants. They dont play multiple specs, they just play the best ones. They are not worried if their secondary spec is trash or it needs another covenant. Their second favorite spec is probably in another character, another class and another covenant. If Arms is 1% better than Fury they play Arms and that’s it. And if that person need to tank they dont go Prot, they just have a Vengeance ready on the side.

The people that left is the one that wants to play Arms in PvP and Prot in PvE, but the best covenant for those specs is different so they are frustrated by the walls and are not having fun.

And if high end guilds are disbanding in droves, they dont recruit in trade chat. They probably merge to another high end with the same problem.


I was just getting ready to unsub forever, I will wait… for now.