Salt Mines - Deposit all your anger here!

Hello guys!

It’s not new that people like to created threads just to complain about matches they lost because of reasons. I’m making this thread so everyone can deposit their salt here and hopefully get all that anger out of their chest. Feel free to share and talk about anything that made you mad in-game, things that made you sad, talk about that guy who threw the game, etc… We have a salt mines channel in one discord and it’s pretty nice to share our bad experiences.

Just please, don’t break the rules when sharing things here. Don’t post names (hide the names if you want to share a picture of the match), don’t swear and be nice to each other. Even though you’re angry, you can still be nice.

I’ll start.

Last night I was playing a match with a friend and we were winning the game on dragonshire. We got the 3 first DKs, had already gotten all forts and bottom keep, plus we were level 20 against a level 18 enemy. The game was pretty much ours at that point. What was happening the whole match though, was that our Falstad kept flying to the enemy siege camp to try and still it, but he kept dying over and over again. When the late game came, he actually stole the camp but died and said “worth it”. I asked him to not do that anymore because death timers were long at that point and it was not worth it. He kept saying “worth it, bro, chill, we got this”. Well, enemy got DK and got mid keep. He did the same thing one more time, enemy got another DK and won the game :rage:

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3 afk in a game

Every game I play I have to typically defend 2 lanes while my team stays 4 mid and pushes no where even if i’m the healer(then they complain the healer is laning)…last game I decided not to and just stayed in top. My 4 teammates let a Chen push all the way to core in bottom lane and kept pinging but never went to stop him. This is what I deal with every single QM and I can’t imagine how stupid 4 people have to be to achieve it.

edit: this typically happens in ranked as well…at gold-platinum for me but I gave up on ranked a long time ago because it was no different than QM and just made me angry.


i lost a game with a Nova with less dmg done then me as Taunt Varian. And then i saw on stats screen, that she was a bot whole time, cause her name said she was still ingame even 2mins after game was over.


We get into the draft, people are hovering their options, and the bans go through normally. One of them is showing Muradin (the map is Volskaya), so I show Blaze to do the off-lane. Of course, he switches to Zul’jin right before the timer expires. Why do people do this? It irks me greatly.

The rest of the draft is spent with Zul’jin and Ragnaros mildly sniping at each other, and I switch to JoJo since they had an Arthas/Varian front line. People. Gah.



Buh…b…but I’ve never died in pilot form, even though ive fed the enemy 40 mech deaths! Im doing my job!

Why is this getting liked years later


That’s why I stopped playing ranked - it was the same kind of stupid people in QM (bronze to gold) with the added bonus of time spent drafting. People picked or banned with no thought and there were afkers and trolls anyway.

Also, in draft, why do people come in with a role listed, then change at the last second to something we already have. Have had so many games with no tanks cuz they troll at the last second and change to something else.


This lol but we won that game(was a year ago)


I win plenty of stuff when i’m the only one involved lol…that is why I play tennis and not a team sport. I remember when I used to play Warcraft 3 way back in the day before WoW came out, I had over an 80% winrate as NE in 1on1…but I couldn’t win a 2on2 at all because every teammate was no where near the skill of the opposing players or myself. Every game my teammate would make 0 units and serve 0 purpose.

Anyways, maybe you’re right…maybe I should stop playing team games online. When I think back to CoD MW2 I used to go 20-4, 24-1 etc every game…and i’d lose every single game because my teammates would go 1-18, 5-15. Oh well i’m gonna take a break from team games.


To be fair you had 3 keeps down. I can tell your team did not know how to close and game and just take the core.

Next time 1 keep core. On DK map bottom keep them core you don’t need the rest and they only give your opponent a chance to come back (as the one guy defending core now gets 3 waves up make up exp not 1).

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Once I took Ana back when she was a instalock.
My teammates who didnt prepick

Tracer illidan chen muradin
Who all never peeled. Then they complained about where the healing is. Well buddy everytime I fire you blink or whatever illidan does


We had 1 keep down, bottom. Also I know that bot is most important and you just need that one to core. My Falstad kept trolling and we faced a 4 v 5 all game :confused:

Salt mines sounds like the name of a new map.


It sounds like a Discord channel that got me banned that one time.

Stop neglecting collecting Regen globes for your team!!! REEEEEEEEEEEEEEE


Another salty evening of QM for me. Another game with Qhira on the enemy team. One team mate gets salty bc of her and goes afk after 3 min. Then, to avoid another sh*t game, other team mates (including me) also disconnect. Then you relog after 10 minutes for a new game, same thing happens :slight_smile:


Had a game last night, where at 10 mins buthcer had 8 meat…

Then i had another game where we had a murky that had a total of 14.25 deaths and thry had a 600 something meat burcher… some how it still took them 35 mins to end.




I moused over the image to check if there was a name, and I was not disappointed.

Sounds like you need more salt for your meat, huh?


Well let’s see… there was a game with a zeratul who was returning to the game after two years, which is okay because happy to see returning players, but the guy was utterly garbage and I couldn’t help but wonder if it was wise to return to the game and play one of the highest skill cap champions as your first game.

However the primary thing vexing me right now is the amount of players in QM who think Qhira is incredibly OP and in dire need of nerfs… and okay maybe she needs a slight tune in a few places, but far from OP. But this lead to a rather amusing game where I had a Rag on my team who kept dying to their Qhira, mostly because his positioning was horrendous, and then he would complain about how op Qhira was. I would argue that she isn’t OP, and that this player might consider that he is just terrible at the game? Which is a bit mean, but as I recall the Rag ended the game with 8 deaths and maybe around 15k hero damage? Of course the only thing he could do at my blasphemous suggestion that he might be the problem in his own spectacular failure was to direct personal maledictions toward me. We did end up winning that game… but it was almost offensive how terrible the Rag was.

Generally I just get salty at whatever player has half or even a third of the hero damage (or whatever relevant statistic there is) of what would even be considered minimum acceptable level, two or three times as many deaths, awful positioning and downright useless and you just shake your head and wonder how some people can be so bad.

As I think I recall this delightful time where a player who was roughly around the player level 2200, so you would think they would know how the game works, who suggested that me as Tychus should be able to 1v3 because of the minigun heal talent (which I had not even taken that game) and basically abused me for the rest of the game for not contesting the objective. Which I found the height of absurdity, because even if somehow I played perfectly in a 1v3 as Tychus and managed not to die in 1v3 before the heal trigerred, while still manage to get enough auto attacks off to maximize the heal (of the talent which I hadn’t even taken that game), it still would have only healed for about half my health tops, which in a 1v3 would only extend my life by about another second. That was generally quite a galling experience.

Hey this is therapeutic.

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