Big Blood Elf Customization Thread

I know, right?

My scars and tattoos are totally awesome and so is my jewelry as is all the beard and mustache combinations.

Oh wait we male Blood Elves don’t have these things.


spite fuels the void


I’d like to see BEs keep what visual distinction they have left, as people ask for more of the generic elf theme on VEs.

Jewelry should be shared with both character models, I can’t access it on my guy characters.


Expanded diversity skin tones, there are 10 lighter shades and 4 darker skin tones, 2 of which are tan or olive.


While true, the majority of Horde-players are Blood Elves though. Given how competitive and territorial the hardcore fans are, it would be the best to start anew and let Blizzard know what kind of customization options are needed from their player base.

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Nothing is needed when so many other races got shafted for elves and humans.


I made a compilation of all the things I’ve seen people ask for over the last year. I’m trying to be as inclusive as possible with ideas regardless of my own personal opinion on them.

Blood Elves have several subgroups which we would like to see more customization for.

Farstrider Fantasy:
Farstriders are the Blood Elf ranger faction. They have nature themes and are seen in Warcraft 2 and 3. They’re an important part of the Thalassian military.

Customization features which appeal to the Farstrider Fantasy are:

  • Tattoos like the one seen in Warcraft 2.
  • Feathers in hair for nature themes.
  • Arguably braids both long and short to keep hair from being caught in bow strings.

Magister Fantasy:
Magisters are the Blood Elf caster fantasy. Powerful mages of Quel’thalas and an important part of the Thalassian nation.

  • Runic tatoos.
  • Longer hairstyles for ladies.
  • Eyes that match spell color effects for various casters such as orange for fire.
  • Hair crystals.

Blood Knight Fantasy:
Blood Knights are the Blood Elf Paladin faction. Once gritty, they’ve been redeemed by the Light.

  • Scars because close combat injuries happen.
  • Torn or damaged ears.
  • Light colored tatoos to go with the golden eyes.

Other additions:


  • Druids — Sin’dorei magisters have manipulated nature for ages. If Kultirans can be Druids, why not? They can be motivated by a desire to heal the Dead Scar and can have a redemption arc like Blood Knights did.
  • Shaman — Some people are requesting this. The healing to the Dead Scar narrative can be used here too technically.


  • Strawberry Blonde hair color.
  • Pure white hair color.
  • Two-tone hair colors.
  • Luminescent two-tone light hair. (Similar to DI fire hair but light.)
  • Possibly unrealistic anime hair colors.
  • Since Void Elves are getting our skin colors can we get their hairstyles? It’s only fair.
  • Afro-ethnic hairstyles like afros and dreadlocks to go with our dark skin colors.
  • More hairstyles for all races would be great tbh.

Facial Hair:

  • Wizard Beards.
  • More options in general, see Night Elven implimentation.


  • Freckles
  • Shiny/Metallic skin tones to reflect the magical nature of Blood Elves.


  • Ear armor.

Light Forged themes:

  • Halos
  • Auras
  • Glowing/Light tattoos
  • Gold tattoos
  • Light runes
  • Light miasma

Dark Ranger Theme:
Dark Rangers are undead Rangers but use the Blood Elf rig. The skins for them and eyes for them already exists and it’s just a matter of turning them on. They could also add a Blood Elf rig to Forsaken as a toggle or choice but Forsaken players might not like that.

  • Unlock undead skin for all classes.
  • Unlock red eyes.

The more out there themes:

Darkfallen Theme:
Darkfallen are undead Blood Elves found in Northrend. They’re vampyres and tried to join The Horde during BfA.

  • Undead Skins
  • Red eyes
  • Bat-like ears
  • Claws
  • Fangs
  • Possibly bat wings.

Felblood Elf Theme:
Felblood Elves are Blood Elves who overloaded on the fel and mutated. They have bright colorful skin, horns blackened hands, and little feathery winglets.

  • Colorful skins with darkened cracked hands.
  • Unlocking DH horns for all classes.
  • Wings/winglets, dark, light, possibly matching hair color.

Void Elf Features
Since Void Elves got our skin colors and we got nothing in return it’s only fair we ask for Void Elf assets.

  • Void Elf Hairstyles
  • Void Elf facial hair styles

Please let me know if I missed anything.


I’m not a big fan of those species either but they [the majority] are those who enjoy this character design because it’s the easiest they can connect with as a RL human being.

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Blood elves aren’t bloody enough. They should fix that.

“It’s just a flesh wound…for style!”


Still doesn’t mean a damn thing when they already got most of the customizations. That’s probably why Blizzard did them first. So now they’re done. Let other races not get screwed. Thanks.


You seem to be mistaking Blood Elves for Night Elves. The former got largely shafted and the later got the royal treatment.


I said elves in general. Sorry, but Blood Elves got far from shafted, what? LOL

New eyes, ears, jewelry, body jewelry, hair colors, hairsryles, skin colors…

That’s more than some others. At least as an elf I’m not being self important or greedy.


yeah we got copy/pasted and i’m not ever gonna really drop that


None of us are Elves we’re people who choose a race in game often times a favorite or not.

VEs can all but replicate the visual fantasy BEs have always had so yeah jewelry only female models can use, and 4 new skin tones for diversity, cuts it a little short in terms of impactful options.

Which is why my biggest request is for what visual distinction is left for BEs natural hair options etc, remain in place.


2 new eye colors that can’t be seen from a few feet away.

2 new ear models.

Jewelry only for females. Some is hidden by armor.

The body jewelry was scrapped.

3 hair colors.

3 hairstyles.

3-4 diversity skin tones that should have been there the entire time.

3 beards for males but no separation of beard and mustache like other races got.

No hair decorations like night elves or tauren got. No diverse hair to go with those diverse skin tones. No scars. No tattoos. No war paint.


Don’t really care. Not the conversation I’m having. Go be bitter with that Void Elf you were arguing with somewhere else.

Don’t be pedantic. :roll_eyes:

You still got more than most races. Period.


which makes me want to scrap every allied race that exists tbh, screw it all if core races aren’t worked on the absolute most, especially the one that’s most populated in the horde

void elves are an infringement on belf customization, so it is the conversation we’re having.


Again, I don’t care.


that sucks, it’s a public forum


Night Elves, Humans, and Orcs got more. Possibly others.

I know there is a chart that shows possible combinations counts. Blood Elves are on the low end.


Obviously you do or wouldn’t be here asking why BE fans feel their customizations were lacking.