Burning Crusade Classic Realm Consolidation August 9

To maintain healthy populations for Burning Crusade Classic realms, we’ve regularly reviewed realm populations and offered Free Character Transfers from realms that dropped to a low population. Additionally, we’ve made the decision to retire some Burning Crusade Classic realms and consolidate their remaining players onto other realms that have higher populations.

Update – August 9 – 10:15 a.m. PDT

Realm consolidations are underway and characters remaining on the following realms are being moved:

Original Realm Destination Realm
Felstriker Yojamba
Anathema Sulfuras
Arcanite Reaper Sulfuras
Bigglesworth Sulfuras
Blaumeux Sulfuras
Deviate Delight Sulfuras
Fairbanks Sulfuras
Heartseeker Sulfuras
Herod Sulfuras
Incendius Sulfuras
Kirtonos Sulfuras
Kromcrush Sulfuras
Kurinnaxx Sulfuras
Loatheb Sulfuras
Netherwind Sulfuras
Rattlegore Sulfuras
Skeram Sulfuras
Smolderweb Sulfuras
Stalagg Sulfuras
Sul’thraze Sulfuras
Thalnos Sulfuras
Thunderfury Sulfuras

Original post follows–

We plan to perform this realm consolidation and retire the following realms with weekly maintenance the week of August 9:

Arcanite Reaper
Deviate Delight

What this means is that all of the Burning Crusade Classic realms listed above will be retired and will no longer be accessible after August 9. All player-characters remaining on these realms will be automatically moved to a new destination realm. We will post a full list of retiring realms and their destinations soon.

Please note: Player-characters that are automatically moved during the realm consolidation on August 9 may be unavailable for up to two weeks thereafter.

All of the realms in the list above currently have Free Character Transfers available to multiple active destination realms. We strongly encourage you to take advantage of the Free Transfers prior to August 9 to choose your destination. Utilizing this service will move your characters quickly and will allow you to avoid being subject to the automatic migration on August 9.

Find more information on Free Character Transfers here.

In the coming weeks, we plan to remove the restriction on transfers from Normal to PvP realms in Burning Crusade Classic. At that time, we will open additional Free Character Transfers from underpopulated Normal realms wherever appropriate, and we will remove the rule on PvP realms that prevents players from having characters in both factions on the same PvP realm in Burning Crusade Classic. We’ll confirm all of the details as soon as we’re ready to take those steps.

Thank you!

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Rest in peace


Thank you for the consolidation for characters stuck on dead servers but is there anything being done about busting up the two massively overpopulated and unbalanced servers?

Otherwise the current population problems are just going to keep getting worse.


What would you have them do?




Please save the mid-pop servers too! Myzrael needs you!


Something is better than nothing in most scenarios.

RIP kromcrush.


so if you don’t transfer, what happens if 2 people have the same name on the consolidated server?


and we will remove the rule on PvP realms that prevents players from having characters in both factions on the same PvP realm in Burning Crusade Classic. We’ll confirm all of the details as soon as we’re ready to take those steps.

does this mean faction change is coming?, i’m leveling my third druid because of these rules.


I was responding to someone who said to break up the mega realms.

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What happens to people with forum profiles from these realms? I can think of quite a few with thousands of posts who clearly want to use that profile to post on.

Since Blizzard has never closed/“retired” realms before this probably hasn’t been thought about.


Most likely the person whose name is the oldest gets to keep it

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So nothing for those of us stuck on high pop servers with one of the factions @ 99% like Benatition?

Thx for including us in this…


“i dont like those servers i dont play on, therefore i must ruin them servers”
this is you


can you go ahead and do this for classic era and give us tbc era now aswell there will be so much freed up server space


It would be nice imho if we didnt have 1 faction, players in cities lagging teleporting, soon to have Qs realms.

Did you think I misread what you said or are you not posting on a public forum and thought you had a 1 on 1 convo going there?


Most likely person on the destination realm gets to keep it I’d think.


Was very much needed, feels bad for those that need to re-name characters but unless there is a huge number of players coming back to the game to fill up those servers there was no way any of them would have been playable in the future.

Cheers for the update.


why would they do anything? people don’t care about faction balance for the most part. As long as we don’t get queues then the server pop itself doesn’t matter much.