"Destination Servers"

They told us a list of destination severs were coming soon and then silence……


There’s a free transfer list, you get to pick from any one of those, if you don’t pick, Bliz will pick for you.

Not seeing the complication. Really, it’s all there in the Blue post.

oh i see, so they never opened free transfers? I didn’t really follow it.

We can assume that’s where they’d send us, I didn’t see anything that confirmed that assumption.

Where they send you is up to them, unless, you move on your own prior to the deadline.

No assumptions needed.

It most certainly is not. A promise to give us the information is in that post, and it’s never been fulfilled


I’m surprised any active player is still on the server. I would have guessed the only people left would be inactive accounts, and so only inactive people would be affected by where they get randomly placed. Unless of course, free transfers were never opened.

So, from all that Blue post, you thought “hey, I will wait until Blizzard moves my character and puts it into limbo for 2 weeks?”

Move now, you get to choose.

Amen! They made a promise and broke it. End of discussion.

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They said in the blue post that they had active free transfers up. Was that not true? Could you not transfer off the server to somewhere else?

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I just made a test character on Heartseeker, and I can already transfer it to Arugal, Earthfury, Grobbulus, Sulfuras, and Yojamba. I don’t understand what this post is saying anymore.


No, you apparently thought that. I thought that I would trust Blizzard would follow up on a promise they made on giving us very important information considering Activision is one of the largest gaming companies in the world. Also, we lose our names going onto mega-servers, which isn’t game-breaking yet isn’t fun either. As far as what they’re going to do with servers, we have 0 idea and are going to be forced into choosing Benediction-all alliance or Grobbulus-an RPPvP server, because Oceanic has terrible ping.

They said they’d provide details, so we waited, and then transfers to Faerlina closed, still no details, and now they’re closing our servers tomorrow, and they still haven’t given the details that we need to literally not have to guess, and then have to pay $25 a pop afterwards because they did something else that they didn’t communicate about beforehand.

To Grobbulus and Benediction. And Oceanic (lol yeah right). One is RpPvP, the other is all Alliance.


Of course we could; but you’re purposely completely missing the point to defend the company, for what, for a lack of integrity on their part?


I just dont understand the complaint. Heartseeker has 5 free transfer destinations to choose from. Are you saying that Blizzard never mentioned where they would put people who didn’t pick a server at all?

Yes exactly. They never said a word.


I think the answer is one of those 5 servers that blizzard will pick for their own reasons.

Ahh so we’re going to play the context games. I’ll just bow out at this point and leave it with this…

Are you saying I shouldn’t hold them to anything they say credible? got it. :+1:

Wait…people would quit if they had to PVP on a PvP server? Seems like ez money for Blizz then. Make it pvp again, take in transfer money. Why on earth would you roll on a PvP server if you’re afraid of PvP?

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Explain your thought process a little.

Step 1: Look at the Free transfer list.
Step 2: Pick one and move.
Step 3: Enjoy your new server.


Step 1: Wait for Blizzard to give you a list of destinations IF you didn’t use route described above.
Step 2: Blizzard moves your character for you.
Step 3: Wait up to 2 weeks for your character to arrive on your new server.

Why in the heck would you need to know what server your character would be force onto? Pick one and go. 2 weeks in limbo, you could have leveled a new character completely.

This smells a lot like a good old feign outrage troll.

Maybe the confusion is coming because they didn’t mark their edit on the post. The last few paragraphs didnt exist the first time they posted that message. The part where it starts "All of the realms in the list above currently have Free Character Transfers available to multiple active destination realms. " came later.

Basically, at that “Please Note” block, are two separate days.