Anyone still waiting on the Sulfuras tranfers to go through?

still waiting on all

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you guys will be pleased to hear that PAID transfers take less than 5 minutes. no issues there!

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Can’t transfer characters that don’t show they exist.

Just a disaster. The most disappointing part is that blizz staff is just ignoring the problem. I think most players experiencing problems would appreciate an update at the very least.

“We’re sorry the merger is taking longer than expected to complete. Instead of the intended 2 week loss of some charachters, it will take a few more days.”

Hell, id even accept a bad new update at this point. If my character is lost to the nether realm for good, at least tell me so i can plan what i need to do on my end.


None of mine have made it yet, but they’re all unplayed at this point anyway.

I have 10+ characters that are missing that were supposed to be on Sulfarus August 9th…


yeah i’m still missing my toons, my bank alt, the my main, just 2 i dont care of made it out of from limbo Hell, it’s been two weeks now and there’s still no comunication about it.


Thank you for contacting us about the recent Burning Crusade realm consolidations or that one or more characters appear to be missing.

In June we announced several Burning Crusade realms will be retired and characters on those realms moved to a different realm.

At this time the character moves are still ongoing and not yet complete. News on the process will be posted to the forum threads linked below. Please follow those for updates, as well as details of the move and which realms have been retired.

They include a list of the original-to-destination realms to help you find where characters are being moved to and where you should check for your characters. Restrictions on the number of characters per realm have also been lifted.

US Realms:

EU Realms:

Please note, characters on a single account may not be moved all at once. So if you see some, but not all your characters have moved, that is to be expected any others will follow shortly. No characters were deleted by these realm retirements, they are simply in the process of being sent to a new home!

Unfortunately, we do not currently have information on if free character migrations might be enabled again or for what realms they might appear. For future updates on that, please check in the Burning Crusade forums.

I’ve put in a support ticket but haven’t heard back yet.
I’m missing two characters I was unable to get transferred before Aug 9th (rl issues wasn’t able to play and you could only xfer from the character screen >.<)

Hopefully I’ll hear something from the ticket soon™…

Im assuming the update today will find your chars

one can hope…

What are you waiting for? Server is dead for any group content. You will see ransoms leveling for what I assume is to transfer off at 70.

it’s almost like you should have taken advantage of the free transfers off they gave you months ago when they first warned that the servers were being shut down

It’s almost like we all resub’d for WoTLK when it was officially announced on 8/19 and never saw the one “forum post warning” from July. My email gets spammed nonstop for dragonflight, but crickets when they want to delete my whole classic account.


Not a single update or announcement on this issue since august 9th. At the end of the day, they provide a service and we are paying customers and are left in the dark. It is inexcusable for them to have not at least gave us an update. I have to imagine they actually messed up and deleted stuff and are trying to figure out how they are going to compensate at this point. Here’s to me huffing hopium that they would even compensate in the first place.

Blizzard is /spitting on us

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That poster comes on here only to be nasty and snarky to people and they also don’t tend to think about alternative scenarios so they probably haven’t even figured out that people resubbed.

Yes, a lot of people came back to the game after this all happened where they wouldn’t have seen the blue post, it sucks for them and not seeing your characters past the time sucks too. Hopefully, everyone can get it all sorted out soon as best as possible anyway.

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they didn’t delete your classic account dummy

they said it was going to take awhile for any of those old abandoned characters to make their way if you didn’t transfer them ahead of time

SPECIFICALLY stated 2 weeks actually in the bluepost. I am no math genius but 2 weeks is 14 days and its been 15 days and 0 communication


Still waiting. I can see all my under lvl 20 toons but no idea where are my lvl 70s. They just ignore my tickets and thats all.

Hope you guys get this sorted. The server issues throughout TBCC have been abysmal.

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