Characters deleted from merge?

I had 2 main servers, Stalagg and Heartseeker. Where did my toons go?

I can’t find them…

Presumably you mean toons in tbc. They were moved off those realms as blizzard is retiring them. They’ll be transitioned to sulfuras and potentially unavailable for up to two weeks.

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Sulfuras they wont be up for 2 weeks. Go to the bc forums.

They said in the blue post your characters could be unavailable for a period of time while they do the merger. It could be 1-2 weeks.

They warned you many times to move them before the merger or this would happen.

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Sorry, just re-activated for the fresh… but was screwing around on one of my Stalagg toons last night.

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Was there a way to move them without paying?

Prior to 9 August yes. This thread covers that:

Earthfury seemed to have died today, why would they give a free transfer to it if they were going to transfer it?
I transferred a main there on another account (not free) just for them to screw me?

they don’t give a damn about us bro. I am still yet to get any of my characters back. its been over two weeks. And on top of that the only way to know about the free transfers is if you’re a goblin that sits in the news forums all day. they never made one news post on the launcher about the free transfers on purpose.