RDF instead of Heroic+

were like 3 weeks in… of course its not dead right now RDF or not it was not going to be dead at 3 weeks in. what a foolish assumption to make that the RDF not existing has ANYTHING to do with the amount of active players right now.

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The number of active players would be tiny if RDF was in. 99% of the classic playerbase doesn’t want RDF, it’s being begged for by a vocal minority of retail players.


source on that? oh you just made it up. 10478543% of players think you are full of poo.


Do you lie often or just about RDF percentages?

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I would say give us both and make it so you cannot queue for Heroic+ using the RDF like how it is for Mythic+ on retail there you go, people can use RDF and the other people who want their “Social interactions” can use their LFG tool that increase social interactions by totally 200% to queue for Heroic+

For only 99.99$ you can get this RDF Battle Pass, with it you can now use RDF for a full month! BUT!!! If you buy the SAVAGE RDF Battle Pass only 999.99$ You’ll get access to RDF for a whole year and have the priority in queue to find group faster over the poor worthless plebs!


People migrating to larger servers isn’t the total population shrinking, it’s a fewer amount of servers containing the population. Lmao

That’s fair.

I’ve no issue manually moving to Heroic or Heroic+ but everything from Ragefire Chasm to WotLK Normals and everything else in-between needs RDF (besides TBC Heroics of course).

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Why are people migrating to larger servers? Something triggered it. Could it be folks quit and then the people remaining realize they needed to transfer to a larger server to still play?

So yeah, it does showcase the decline in population.

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Big agree. I’ve already said that Classic leveling needs RDF. If they disable it for Lich King dungeons I am 100% fine with that, but I would like to be able to find groups and run dungeons and level alts. I’m pretty burnt out with only questing to level up an alt.

I mean I would like both Heroic plus sounds like a really cool idea I’m curious what they’re gonna do after the 2nd tier and how they’re going to handle that but I say phase too how about they just give us both.

What I wanted by harder heroics? No I think its dumb to even do in the first place. Heroics werent hard in Wrath. You want harder heroics, get a poorly geared tank.

But the question I was asking is these things cant be that much harder so who are they for? Its a catch up system. Just like the toc dungeon and ICC dungeons were for catch up even though they were harder.

So who are these heroic+ dungeons for? It wont even scale in difficulty, its just going to be a slightly harder heroic… for what? Heroic+ (which has been named by the playerbase) is going to be trying to solve the inevitable decline in people doing heroics outside of the heroic daily. If there is a lockout or if it shares a lockout with heroics then normal heroics will be dead because you wont want to waste a lockout with normal heroics.

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Heroic + is annoying. M+ eventually killed Retail.

Adding a non Wrath feature of Heroic + instead of the Wrath feature of RDF is the dumbest thing Blizz ever did and it’s a long list of dumb things.

RDF is what solidified Wrath as the best expansion and why it had the highest Subs. Great expansion with RDF being the best feature ever created for an MMO.


I’d easily take heroic + over a friend finder. New content beats easier group setup.

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^ this right here

RDF may be implemented at a later date, but there is no chance they’re allowing RDF for heroics any time soon. We are already running into a situation where people no longer need emblems or heroic gear, and RDF will exacerbate that because there is no daily dungeon lockout on heroics with it. Meanwhile, heroic+ is specifically designed to prolong the lifespan of heroics so that people uninterested in raiding will still have content to participate in without having to run the same undertuned heroics for the entire expansion.

I wouldn’t make a habit of supporting statements whose citation is “I pulled it out of my rear”


99% of anti RDFers are extreme hoarders who sit around in underwear their moms bought them in 1988. Their lifetime achievements include building up a resistance to Bacillus by eating expired bacon, almost beating the world record for the longest toenails, and making friends through LFG.

Well then the game will be dead till it’s added. That simple.

RDF will only bring in the majority of Wrath enthusiast.


That’s where the flaw lies with the system.
How are they going to give harder heroics, while keeping players from complaining about how easy things are.

If a group is running with say full t7, and they got that just by running heroics over and over, now t8 is dropping from heroic+, if they increase the difficulty to accommodate full t7, what about players just stepping in to H+? The gap would be even higher from T9 to people starting.

So what do they do, just allow the last tier to drop regardless and keep H+ the same difficulty across the expansion or do they continuously tweak the difficulty where they don’t have H+, H+1,2 etc, they run the problem of excluding players that come late and just want to do H+ and not raid.