Back to TBC after years.. where are my characters?

Hi, I’ve logged on for the first time in years. WoW Classic says I have characters in TBC and Blizz Support says I have a few high level characters on Smolderweb (WoW TBC). I’m trying to access those characters in TBC but I can’t find them or even begin a transfer those charactersto existing 6 realms… likely because I cannot see Smolderweb server? Blizz Support says they still exist in Smolderweb so I figured there’s a way to get them back.

How can I recover & play my existing characters? Starting over is not an option.

Kinda odd how you happen to be back right on the day of consolidation… and if you were back like 12 hours earlier, this wouldn’t be an issue.

Nonetheless, apparently, locked for 2 weeks. At least what I have seen others are saying.


Would be my luck… and the day I actually paid to play. Hopefully I can recover my characters soon.

Regardless of anything, as I’m someone who has active discord wowhead/icyhead channels, and I see every piece of news, heck, even I Didn’t know characters are locked.

Again, not 100% sure, just what i’ve been seeing.

Where are you seeing the 2 weeks locked?

Ok thanks. Damn I am literally 1 day too late and I was sooo close to subscribing yesterday too… Might not ever get to play this again since i’ll probably get yelled at when my wife finds out i’m playing again lmaoo

Yup… ur screwed bud.

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