When does the xp buff come up?

you said rogue mage is not a bursty comp dog
you dont deserve any answer in that regard

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Show me where I said that

here, showing you

So… Where is Rogue/Mage mentioned there?

here, showing you again

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“The next several weeks” is similar to what they said about lifting the restrictions for having both factions on the same PVP realm (and being able to transfer from Normal to PVP servers), which we got this week, I think, which was around 2 weeks after they had mentioned it.

Not sure if that gives any indication as to a timeline, but we’ll see.


You do understand the distinction between Rogue/Mage and RMP right?

how can you be that clueless

I just feel bad now. Gonna leave this one be. Good day sir

you better do, embarrassing yourself even more

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A tier from rugz (one of the current top feral druids in TBCC and has been playing wrath for years)

B tier from metagoblin, a massive source of Classic information

ST charts from back in the day that show Enh in solid a/b-tier area, and this is before things like spellhance were discovered.

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I’d love to see it but still not entirely convinced.
And those last charts are pretty sus considering they both have fury in d-c tier range

Feral also likely won’t be as good as it is on pservers, omen doesn’t proc off everything like does on pservers

Another thread ruined my Bearhands aka I’m opinionated and very thick headed which results in derailed threads like these.

To answer OP question: XP buff is coming with prepatch.

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A few weeks before actually.


Good, so I guess there’s nothing to add to this thread.

/end thread

Seems like it was improved. Not only did you get the information about the buff, you also got all kinds of information on enhancement shamans.

But also I’m sorry you were upset by something I wrote on the internets at some point in the past. But I’m confident you’ll work through it.

You guyzez will argue anything.
Somebody could mention Argentine Ants and pages of consultation would occur.

Why S Tier. Shouldn’t they just be A Tier and D Tier would be E Tier. Is it the dramatic reveal thingy?

The rating system evolved from Japanese academic grading systems where “S” is above an A or A+.

There is no E in grading though!

Actually, in Kindergarten they used to grade things as like E for Excellent, at least my kindergarten.