"Destination Servers"

Great question. Nobody knows. As I said in the other thread maybe we’ll know today, maybe Wednesday after it’s done, and maybe Blizzard will never say a word and the people who got their characters moved will tell us. I’d give every one of these things an equal chance of happening at this point.

People will be thrown somewhere. Not a new server.

You should really just take the free transfer to Grobbulus, the other options aren’t good. As much as I am big about server size choice preferences and I’d like to say go to Earthfury it has a small community, and it does have a very small community, I won’t. People are still leaving Sulfuras too. The other options are all OCE.

There’s pretty much no chance anything will change with those servers. The biggest thing that could happen to these servers is prepatch/early Wrath queues which would make the forums interesting for a bit. Overall though and for real Blizzard has shown over the last year that they don’t care about this.

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off the frying pan into the fire, from dead server to comatose dying server. I really hope Blizzard doesn’t just randomly toss them to free transfer destination servers.

Blizzard should say where they are putting people for sure. The options are not good, maybe that’s the problem.

For the record, I haven’t suggested anyone go to Earthfury since the allies started transferring off about a year ago, even though I loved the server during Classic.

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I know, but still. I guess Blizzard believes that by pooling all the leftovers from random reject dead servers they can turn one of the life support ones back to life, but the people who get moved there wont embrace it as a second chance, they’ll reroll, quit or transfer off until it dies again.

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1 day away and still no word on where characters will be sent. For a normal company, this would be unusual. For Blizzard… it’s just business as usual. No date on wrath patch either even though they have a launch day. They wouldn’t have a launch day without a patch day already planned. They just can’t be bothered to tell us.


I am very disappointed if this will actually be the case. Kaivax did promise below:

It looks like I’ll be going to Grobbulus.

This is very frustrating given that Blizzard is cutting our rope then letting us freefall.


The problem is if you’re on a dead server you will get forced off to a low pop server that will prob be imbalanced or still not fun.

What needs to happen is free transfers OFF of Faerlina and Benediction for respective H and A players, so lower pop servers can get some population and balance. But I think they want their $25 too bad.

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Nah, they should get consolidated. Automatically move all Faerlina alliance to bene, every single one of them, and give us all the benediction horde, even bank alts and troll name holders. Then we can enjoy 100% same faction servers in peace and never have to worry about stupid things like dying afk in hellfire or some genius ganking a lowbie at a summoning stone.

There are plenty of PvE servers…?

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It is. At least you didn’t do what I did and be on the forums and pay attention to this. Then watch the servers die one by one for a year while trying to help and have a sympathetic ear for people in every thread where you could tell how upset they were and they were getting trolled.

The whole situation has sucked.

All the best to you.

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Did Blizz fire the all of the WoW classic CMs? Or whoever actually TELLS THE PLAYERS WHAT IS GOING ON?

They’re seriously going to post the destination realms tomorrow arnt they lol…it’ll be like a contest. What server will you end up on? The winners will go on to a medium population server, the losers will go on to a lower population server that will stay low.

Not the same. Those still have half their population stuck on the wrong side. The point is to expand grouping / raiding / AH pool to encompass the whole server without anyone wasting their sub isolated for something stupid like “faction identity”.

Im confused, dont you all have a choice of where to go out of a number of servers? If that is correct, your mad at Blizzard for not telling you where you would go if you did not make a choice of where to go with the 19 other players on your server lol.


hopefully they send you all to grobb

They are giving us 5 mega servers to go to, of which like 3 are Oceanic and one is Alliance only.

You can think it’s dumb all you want, but Blizzard told us a long time ago this was happening then said they’d follow up and never did. That’s totally unprofessional. If we stay on our servers, are we going to get moved tomorrow still? They didn’t follow up initially, so who knows if they’ll even continue with this? If we don’t, what happens? Do we get put onto another dead server and free transfers close? Do we get thrown onto Faerlina?

It sounds like a non-issue when you’re on Grobbulus, but for those of us from different servers, it actually is very important.

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If it is very important, choose the server yourself…

The problem is that Blizzard hasn’t confirmed anything. I couldn’t take the waiting and paid to transfer this morning. It would have been nice to have some knowledge of what is going to happen before I shelled out money. Blizzard promised to keep us updated and broke that promise.


The way I interpreted the initial blue post was that, “Hey, we are closing these realms. You have until August 9th to pick from a list of servers in the free transfer list. Anyone still on these servers will be put where we want them” I doubt they will “surprise” anyone still on the server by transfering them somewhere not on the free transfer list.

I imagine they kept it silent so they can look at which transfers players took and use that information to decide where to place people.

They told us a list of destination severs were coming soon and then silence……


There’s a free transfer list, you get to pick from any one of those, if you don’t pick, Bliz will pick for you.

Not seeing the complication. Really, it’s all there in the Blue post.