Allow Having Both Factions On Same Server

Title says it all. It’s a dated idea that worked when the internet was in its infancy and finding ways to communicate with the other faction wasn’t always as easy as it is today. But now we have Discords for every single server where both factions communicate daily (assuming your server even has another active faction). So why limit us to having characters on only one?

This issue is even worse for players who were formerly Faerlina-Alliance or Benediction-Horde because they were forced off their servers and might still have some alts left behind they didn’t think were worth moving for $25 yet those alts are preventing them from creating the new mega faction on that server. I have a few 60s (Horde) from Classic on Bene, before the great migration, that I don’t want to delete yet I’de like to play with a few friends who xferred as Ally to Benediction and cannot without a second account. I guess that last part is why Blizzard hasn’t done it. $$$$$ as usual

Yea sucks you’de have to transfer all your Benediction horde characters to Faerlina, Whitemane, or Grobb after arguably Blizzard caused you to have to transfer in the first place, to now make an Alliance on Bene.

Benediction and Faerlina are PvE servers now being as 1 sided as they are so they should 100% allow both factions to be made on the same server it would change absolutely nothing but be a nice QOL for people who got screwed over by Blizzard’s former transfer logic

I believe this was a feature that was introduced in Wrath so possibly will happen.

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Faction change was introduced in Wrath and yet…

It is being removed because “Brian” is a dictator.


Sadly they announced Faction Changes won’t come with Wrath. Even if they did you’de be forced to change your entire roster of characters left on a dead faction of a thriving server. It’s just very frustrating and the limitation seems insanely outdated

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I actually like having realms being faction-exclusive. While a player could have multiple active accounts to bypass it, it generally makes you view players as more “dedicated” to the faction you’re on.

it ruins the war aspect and animosity when you’re ganking someone on the opposing faction and then they immediately log onto their alt on your faction to whine about it.


Yeah but they seem to be picking and choosing which features to cut and snip out of classic.

Just because faction changes are seemingly off the table doesn’t mean cross faction characters on PvP servers is completely put the wondow.

tradition is ageless.

Already can on PVE. What they should do with these 1 sided PVP realms is just change them to PVE. That’s what they are in practice anyway.

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Blizzard stealth removed the limitation to one faction per PvP server back in the original WotLK. I’m 99% sure it was motivated by faction transfer sales. :money_mouth_face:
So it’s quite impressive that they have announced they’re not doing it this time, that’s quite brave.

The main difference after PvP realms had this limitation removed was that if you killed someone in the world, you would get a level 1 angrily abusing you shortly afterwards.

I’d prefer if they keep PvP realms one faction exclusive.


Well. I doubt I changed their decision but in Blizzard’s most recent post they announced lifting the restriction of factions on PvP realms. Thanks Blizz!

Is the ignore list limited? If so, they need to make it unlimited to go along with this terrible change.

This is great news. I have 2 accounts. I have horde toons on both accounts on grobbulus. I have an alliance toon on one of the soon to be retired servers. I would like to bring it to Grobb as well. Does this mean that I can transfer that character to grobbulus even though I already have horde toons on grobbulus on that same account? Anyone know if this is true?

Yes. And it should be free from your realm that is being closed.

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