Why no PVP -> PVE free transfers?

I understand the old reasons for no PVE → PVP server transfers, but Blizzard has always allowed PVP → PVE paid transfers so why aren’t they allowing PVP → PVE for free transfers?

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It makes sense, because we want to save the PVP Servers, because we created in the characters on the right servers, PVP servers, which were supposed to have both factions and a lot of content, including the world, but instead they are in single faction states and that doesn’t make sense, I know that there are many PVE players who created their characters on the PVP server, that is, on the wrong servers, because they are afraid and aversion to pvp and hate everything related to it, so let migration be released so that they can go to your respective PVE realms…

They are changing this soon:

Blizzard Fix the PVP Servers and enable the migration for PVE players to be able to go to their respective PVE realms (from PVP to PVE), because this situation of PVP servers makes no sense, given that they are servers that since their creation there were meant to be both factions and lots of PLAYER VERSUS PLAYER content.

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