Naming Question

If I delete my character and create a new character under the same name, will that name still have the same priority if there’s a server merge?

If that makes sense.

My particular name has a priority status in case of server merge, correct? If I delete that name and reroll the same, will I have the same priority?

Thanks for the help.

I’m not sure what you mean by priority, Krosse, nor am I aware of any potential server merges.


I’ll try to be more clear. Before when there were server merges, if there were multiples of the same name from different servers that were merging, the person who had the name the longest kept that name. Anyone after that had to create a new name or a random name was given to them.

So, if I reroll that character’s name, do I lose that high name reserve status if there is ever another merge?

Does that make sense?

We’ve never had a server merge for Modern World of Warcraft. There have been Realm Connections, but each character that held a particular name kept that name as it was specific to the home realm they were on.

For Classic WoW’s merge, I don’t exactly know if that is how that worked. Priority is generally given to whomever is on the realm first, so it would mostly depend on how the transfers to the main realm were done, not the specific age of the character involved or how long they’ve had a name.

How long you’ve had a name isn’t something that is tracked in any way.


I see. I remember a long time ago having to change my name on regular servers when there were mergers. I was curious in case there are future mergers but I guess there’s no way to tell.


If you played Old Republic, you may be thinking of that game. That did happen over there.

Here in Retail, as Vrak said, we have Connected Realms, which are smart mergers. They link together servers so that they’re the same community, but they keep their server identification, so there is no loss of names. If there was a Sendryn on Kirin Tor and my character on Sentinels, we’d be distinguished by the server name.


Retail WoW has never had merged realms. They have connected realms, but no one lost their names in it. Harkening back to when my original server, Hydraxis, connected with Terenas. You could be Fred on Hydraxis, you could also still be Fred on Terenas. Neither person had to give up the name because once one realm connects to the other, there isn’t a “parent” realm. Each name kept it’s own identity. The way they differentiated was Fred-Hydraxis was one entity, Fred-Terenas was a completely separate one. I don’t even know all the realms currently connected to those two these days, but all of them could have their own Fred in that same vein.

From what they have said historically, we very likely will never see full-on server merges on Retail.

Now, Classic iterations? They did do a big server merging back a few years ago to condense things down for the progressive Classic->BC->Wrath iterations. There was ample warning prior to it happening, but the Classic deals are different than realms that have existed since the beginning or nearly so of the game’s life.

So as far as Retail WoW is concerned? It is highly unlikely that merges will ever happen. Realms being connected though? Perhaps there will be more in the future, but it’s been a bit since the last time any connections were done.


What probably happened, if it was a really long time ago, is you lost your name due to inactivity and that just happened to coincide with the server connections 10 years ago.

Back in the day, people used to be able to request names from accounts that had been inactive for a year or two. We can no longer do that so your name is safe for 4 years or more.