Whelp there is going to be a purge

they are sending them all to grob

It is a purge… I had this entire glorious plan to take advantage of my dead realm.

That wasn’t said at all.

i spoiled the surprise sorry

do u have a source besides “trust me bro”

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Would sure be nice if they would say what server they’re going to be stuck on, or if it’s just a new server entirely.

I quit playing on Fairbanks when I resubbed cause of how dead it was, but it’d be nice to know my characters could eventually be playable.

Sorry, Blizz doesn’t let me post links… but someone did it for me anyway.

It’s a good decision. Those realms were death traps for anyone thinking of rolling on them coming back to the game or as a new player.


my dad works at blizzard

There’s literally nobody on those servers lol.

Log into incendius right now. 0 players on either side.

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Hopefully your last name isnt Birmingham


Every time I log into Fairbanks alliance I see people in stormwind.

It would be nice to play on that server just to gather herbs and ore leading into wrath. No competition!

The only person in Stormwind on Fairbanks right now is me on a level 1 character checking to see if this was true. There’s 6 other people online Alliance side from level 1-70 right now.


There were 14 people on Thunderfury earlier. Blizz don’t kill our Kara team, please. We are really strong.


Maybe I just get lucky, I don’t spend a lot of time on there.

Cold. Very cold.

There’s usually at least 20 Alliance playing on Heartseeker most of the time (I’ve seen as few as 15, and as many as 41.) Mostly levelers and farmers.

I’m leveling this toon right now, and the quiet is nice. Way better than Benediction.

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The real purge will be the PVE realms. I will be surprised if even one is left standing.

There are several not on the list so there will be several left standing. Pagle even has multiple layers at times.

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