Numbered named characters being created

So I just resubbed and saw these characters with numbers in their start popping up on Sulfuras. I’ve never had a character on this realm so they definitely aren’t mine. Has anybody ever had this happen?

imgur /a/o40Cwwn

Yea I have a buncha of characters that started showing up on sulfuras saying they had been flagged for a name changed but like you I have never had characters on that realm. I think there was a merger to that realm from a low pop and when they merged if name was taken on the merger server it flagged you. (this is the explanation i came up with in my head)

I had a buncha cool names reserved on a server like rageaholic and frostaholic ragelord i think they were on herod i could be wrong but those were some of the ones that were flagged and showed up on sulfuras for some reason.

Trixshots is pretty much right. Herod no longer exists. Transferred characters often have random letters/numbers in their names due to naming conflicts or other reasons (you can try to rename to the old name when forced, but no guarantee it will be available).

please never join an rp realm