Where are my TBC chars?

I just logged into to play WoW for the first time in months. I get on WoTLK Prepatch, and I can’t find my TBC chars anywhere. I then tried logging onto WoW classic and I cant even get on my low lvl toons there. Am I missing something???

So your characters are just gone?

Unless you were on a server that got closed down (and your characters were auto-moved elsewhere), this sounds like something you need to submit a ticket to get fixed.

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Correct, checked all servers. Nowhere to be found. I submitted a ticked about an hour ago, but response time 24 hours -_-. I’m mainly upset because my wife and I both just re-subbed to not even be able to play… Also, we have a linked account and her toons from TBC are gone as well.

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I do believe I was on Bigglesworth TBC. Is that a server that was removed?

This absolutely wild. Such a mess :frowning:

Yes, Bigglesworth was one of the servers that got consolidated. A lot of servers got shut down due to very low population and all characters on those realms should have been moved to Sulfuras, as that was the designated server for characters on that realm to be moved to. You can find more information on the realm consolidation by going here:

However, I’m certain I also have a few characters across various realms that didn’t get moved and instead got deleted. idk if they auto deleted characters or something that either way, a ticket is the only way to sort this.

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WOW. Thanks. This is infuriating due to the fact I tried logging into other realms to check only to find 4+ hour que times. It didn’t show any number of chars under the realm list. So now my wife and I started new toons on a different realm, NOW ONLY TO FIND MY TOONS ON A FULL SERVER I COULDNT LOG INTO.

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