Please release WRATH sooner rather than later!

A lot of people didn’t even play TBC and to be honest TBC still has a lot of issues with class viability and balance. Wrath is when a lot of new people started and when balance was probably the best its ever been. All specs were pretty viable. It is leaps and bounds better than TBC.

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If classic servers are being shut down due to “extreme lack of people”

You really think wotlk will resolve this?

It sounds like the classic servers hype is dying

Retail is the superior choice it seems with blizzard confirming shutting down servers

Not really. TBC classic is slowing down. But just as a lot of people come back each retail expansion a HUGE influx of people will come back when Wrath starts.

As a ret pally at the time, it was certainly a good time. Don’t know if I would have called them balanced though! :laughing:

TBC was always the least popular of the big 3 so I’m not too surprised. Wrath should do a lot better since it’s likely the last version of classic they’ll release.

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I expect that when Wrath first releases that more people will be playing it than Retail. We are heading into a long content drought for retail and its very much slowing down right now. Wrath is the best way to keep people subbed over fall and winter before DF launches.

It’s gonna be released later this year. That’s pretty dang soon, lol. Especially considering some are still progressing through Sunwell yet.

More of the same looking back through rose colored glasses. It’s funny how so many people keep trying to make it seem like classic and wrath were these golden ages. Then they play it and oh look, you thought you did, but you didn’t, server shutdown…

If i come to classic it will be for the Wrath experience i started in wrath and that was probe the best xpac that’s ever been

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Think it’s the other way around

You seem to fail to understand about these classic servers are only hype and the shutting down classic servers proved it

TBC back in 2007-2008 didn’t die, why is TBC classic dying?

Yea another classic re release how exciting.

We have nothing to do, give us old content to re play so we have something to do…. Yaaaay

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TBC classic isn’t dying. It is following the same pattern as retail. After an xpac has been been out a while subs start bleeding as less and less content comes out. Finally towards the end a lot of people leave. When the xpac launches a lot of people come back. This is the same for retail and classic.

i feel like the same thing was said about classic, and look at it now…

It isn’t?

Are you sure? TBC during its prime time NEVER did this

Take off your “yay classic” red tinted goggles and realize what’s really going on

They are consolidating servers. They have been doing this forever trying to keep more servers high pop. My TBC server is packed all the time. Stop trying to say it’s dying. It is not. You can scurry away now. My point is about releasing Wrath- not the lie that the sky is falling in on TBC.

“It’s fine they are just condensing servers for wotlk”

“It’s fine they are just removing more servers cause we are at the final phase of wotlk with ICC opening soon’”

“It’s fine they are just condensing all realms into one normal and one PvP realm cause there’s no interest in cataclysm classic, we can keep killing Lich King for the 200+ time”

“It’s fine they are just shutting down classic wotlk in hopes they can get more people be interested in classic wotlk Season of Mastery”

“It’s fine that wotlk classic is shutting down for good, no one liked any expansions after wotlk anyways”

When does it stop?

Well to be honest from what I’ve seen with roomates playing TBCC is people (not just them) are having a hard time with The Sunwell. I can only atest to them and why they are done with it at this point.

Some I think will be showing back up in retail for a bit and them right around when Wrath is ready people will migrate over becuase of well…Wrath.

It was the same thing with 40 man naxx

Not many people cleared it during its prime time

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Oh I remember. Roomates already freaking out about Naxx and wether they will be able to compleat it 100% when it comes around.

Anyone else remember , ghost teleports from gms the night Ulduar went live and belly up.Fun times,

Classic doesn’t need to be on the same trajectory as regular LK, and I don’t think Blizz has ever believed it would be. I’ve never once assumed any Classic server would bring back millions and millions of people.

The crew that works on Classic is tiny - they don’t have to design anything. The “free” Burning Crusade Classic, with the what? $80 deluxe addition and the $60 level boosts… Repeat all of that for WotLK Classic. Not to mention the continued subs for realms that require almost no maintenance, no new artwork, design, music, or anything at all. It’s just profit at this point.

They may stop after LK. Cata revamped it all anyway, so maybe this will be the end. But LK will definitely be a success for Blizz, I believe.