Enhancement: Classic Servers

Submitted a ticket but was told to post here.

I just came back after a year and I play alliance on Faelina on Classic. I just cancelled my sub since there’s nobody on alliance. Outside of random battlegrounds, I feel like I am playing a single player game.

Server mergers are needed to try and get somewhat close to 50/50. Or at least allow people who resub an option to move servers. I just wasted a month sub and I can’t even play the game unless I pay an extra $32. Because of this I won’t be coming back to another Blizzard game.

One day, perhaps the GMs will tell people the proper places on the forums to post their threads.

Unfortunately for you, this is not the place to make your plea. Customer Support is a forum for players to assist other players. There are no GMs, Devs, QA - no staff here at all save for our SFAs who are here more as an info desk and to help keep us hoodlums in line. Now, for your particular thread, you’ll want to post it over in the Classic (or TBCC) General Discussion. Even though they don’t interact with players there often, that is a place where Devs and other staff gather their data.

I do know that they are going to be closing down some servers to try and clean up the more ‘dead’ ones in the coming months, but a big thing to remember is that they cannot force people to play X faction on Y server. All of that is character driven. They can try and funnel folks, but there isn’t anything stopping people from paying the money to transfer to another server or faction. The imbalance is one that players created.


I believe the gm staff meant to post in the classic discussion forums, but ultimately you might have missed the fact that development team is already consolidating classic servers in prep for wlk classic.


The long maintenance on Wednesday was prep work for the shutting down down of those servers.

Maybe one day the GMs will stop blowing players off by directing them to the forum to voice their concerns. Which still won’t be heard.

Yeah that’ll happen.


that doesn’t solve the issues of severe low pop servers like faerlina. there’s next to nothing on the AH, nobody in cities. I can run around and literally find nobody in sw.

It would seem though, they are planning on more then just merging.

They plan on closing low pop servers and consolidating, not just merging servers.

It would seem your stated goal for opening the ticket was met.

GM staff do not make these decisions, developers do, and the forums are where developers take the feedback.

Yes I realize this. It’s unfair to blame the front line for following orders.

So to elaborate maybe someday GMs won’t be directed to blow players off and send them to the forum to make a post that devs will not acknowledge or act upon.

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Alternatively, players could use the submit suggestion and feedback system with in the game menu, bypassing the gm time it takes, lowering wait times for others who do put in tickets for things GM staff can help with. They are not “directing to blow players off” but sending the feedback to the correct means to send it.

Is it that difficult or is it disobeying a superior to just be honest? To tell players to use the in game tool rather than just vent unproductively in the forum? I’m not blaming the player for being unproductive but rather the system where there is no feedback save from peers - which is generally not what the player directed to post here wants.

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Of all the SoM things that bled through into Classic Era WHY was the Scourge Invasion not one of them?

Because the invasion was already over on era

It’s always hilarious when the support staff direct people to the forum knowing full well no one at Blizzard will read it or care.

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There arent servers big enough to house a 50/50 split

The players have clearly chosen that they would rather play on 100% servers.

Its on you to pay to xfer, or feel free to level up and enjoy the lovely 50% boost we have been granted on the server of your choice.

On the character select screen go to the shop and choose the free transfers to Whitemane, which is where the vast majority of the PvP server player base is located.

Ya i didn’t want to pay 32 bux for an xfer and i don’t want to level up again. so i just deleted. i wanted to give it a month to see if i even want to play again then find out i’m on a dead server.

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A now a new pserver customer has been born

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