Burning Crusade Classic Realm Consolidation August 9

What about the pvp servers that are currently low pop but still don’t have free transfers on it?

Earthfury is a top one that comes to mind. Sulfuras is on its way to that point as well.

When will you do something about the rest of the PVP servers that you aren’t retiring or consolidating???


send them all to grob
i heard they liked wpvp

Why you ain’t doing nothing with Earthfury?, there´s literally no reason to play in that server.


earthfury please


While i agree this is kind of like that, the fact is that these huge servers are self sufficient now and likely don’t need the injection of new players to keep them healthy and bustling with groups and guilds.

If they prevented players rolling on these severs (25-30k active players is massive) and forced new players to roll on the medium pop servers, its likely they could reach those really high population caps that lead to the realm being healthy and not dieing because there are enough players online to support doing content around the clock.

But that is just my 2 cents.


absoluetly great news. WELLL Past time for this to happen though

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Unironically it’s people that didn’t like the old servers I played on, therefore they ruined them.

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Not so much a 1 on 1 convo just a reply that made sense to the reply I had…

Like your original reply had nothing to do with my question.

Maybe try to keep up?

Where faction change?

Perhaps those are the destinations.

Please expand number of characters you can have on each realm. I would love to migrate my Horde toons over to Grob where my Alliance toons are.

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sadly we dont have those “what if” only what was done
and mistakes were made

What about the underpopulated factions…? This does nothing to address the mega servers that are all alliance vs all horde.


the duality of man


I dont have an answer as I am not an employee in charge of maintaining realms.

I would however like them to do something. Posing the question to a random forum goer “WhAT WoUlD yOu Do?” seems like a cop out because you dont care about faction balance or the performance of servers.

I’d rather not watch a server lag so bad you cant perform simple actions in cities without significant delay. Or have player interaction be entirely 1 faction.

Did you miss the sentiment of the post entirely?


No, they’ve already said no faction change.

As the Gatekeeper to Grob, I am not of the refugee class. Silly!

There’s no good answer, you can’t force people off.

Need to do this for Classic Era.


Aren’t Era realms already connected?