BC Classic Not Available in Launcher

There is no option in the game dropdown for BC Classic on any of my accounts.

I’ve uninstalled Battle.net and all WoW games multiple times, but BC Classic never shows up, only Classic and WotLK classic.

I can’t play or install BC Classic.

As far as I know, TBC Classic became WotLK Classic when the Wrath pre-patch was launched. All BC realms are now WotLK realms.


Eek. If that’s the case, then the only character I had on BC Classic has been deleted, as they’re not anywhere on the Classic or WotLK Classic games. :frowning:

Many servers were retired, but the characters were consolidated, Try looking in Old Yojamba or Sulfuras.


You nailed it! The server selection screen was wrong and didn’t have any value in the “Character” field, but after loading the server Sulfuras, my characters were all on there.

Having said that, this whole “Classic” experience is so confusing – I can’t believeit’s not an April Fool’s joke.

Classic, BC Classic, WotLK Classic… 3 games should be 3 different options. On top of that, there’s Season of Mastery and… oh my God, makes me not want to sink anytime into Classic at all, honestly.

Thanks for the help, though! <3

Same dude, can’t find BC Classic anywhere. WTF?

TBC has been updated to WotLK. It’s the pre-patch to WotLK coming out :wink:


There aren’t three games though. There’s the Classic as one game and there’s the combination of TBC+WotLK as another game.