Realm Consolidation august 9

You guys seriously need to tell us if this is still happening or not tomorrow. Alot of us are waiting for information so we can make our final decisions on transfers.

You’re only destroying your own credibility even further than you already have.

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That’s mostly decided by development, not CS, I would assume in the lack of an update though, since this information was posted 2 months ago, they are proceeding and you should no longer delay transferring.


Proceeding where? That is the whole point.

I think I see what you mean. They mention that the servers will be retired and any remaining characters will be moved elsewhere but they have not specified “where”.

That said, if you want to at least have some choice in the matter, I would use the free transfer as soon as possible. Otherwise, you won’t get that option. It’s likely that if you don’t and you’re not happy with the destination that they chose, you’ll need to pay to move at that point.


I think they have set my unhappiness in stone.

If I do nothing, I run the risk of being thrown into a server I don’t like.

If I transfer and they postpone it, I’m going to be upset that I could have stayed in my home server, since launch, a little longer.

This was an issue where even simple communication was paramount, and they fumbled the ball.


I don’t see any posts or anything stating that they’re going to be delaying it. I mean, anything is possible but it does look like they’re still going through with it.

The only thing that makes me wonder if there will be a change is that tomorrow’s downtime is only an hour for Classic WoW.

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This issue is really affecting a lot of people and is a paramount issue for August 8th.

Please Blizzard, give us some direction so we can know what is going on.

We need to know where we are going with realms. Promising to tell us then not telling us is really a betrayal.

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I was already on planning on going by your assumptions. Hopefully we’ll hear something in the next few hours.

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Not for nothing this was posted back in early June

Ultimately I feel like they are not planning to delay this, and FCM’s were available for some time.

If you wait, you likely will end up in a combined server with your friends and realm mates, it just can’t be stated yet which server/servers that will be.

I would not count on it being delayed.