[WotLK] Let's talk Dungeon Finder

Everything he said was a fact. It’s difficult if not impossible to prove that almost no one was doing sub level 60 dungeons before RDF but that was the state of the game. Which of those facts do you dispute as just an opinion?

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LOL! This makes about as much sense as any anti RDF argument. I wonder if that’s what the devs actually think.

I’ve been leveling my hunter and for the past 15+ minutes this has been spammed in LFG.

People can’t find groups for low level dungeons during early hours of the game because folks are at work. But… forget them right? They need to go socialize or something and add people to their friends list?

Cross-Realm RDF would help remedy this.


A lot of these people seem to forget that the RDF was created to help remedy the some of same problems that we have right now.


You wouldn’t. It’s a tedious, pointless waste of time.

And if players really loved that kind of design…Classic Era would be booming. But it’s a ghost town.



Classic WoW doesn’t have any problems…

I’m playing on Skyfury now and even Blizzard estimates that folks will drop off. Heck, I’ll depart for a bit to go check out Dragonflight! But the remedy of that is to merge servers instead of maintain server identity and allow RDF. :confused:

Wow. Look at all that “social interaction.” Meanwhile, a lvl 70 DK is selling runs. See how good for the game this decision was?


Expect more of that at the end of Wrath. More will quit because of the lack of RDF, and those that remain are basically forced to transfer to megaservers.


You know, I just had a funny thought.

When blizz decided to merge servers, isn’t that basically them doing one massive and permanent RDF group? :joy:

I mean, if anything would destroy a server community, wouldn’t this be the atomic bomb for that? :joy:

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See, this here is a false conclusion.

Classic era isnt booming because we had 2 years of classic vanilla, people got their classic fix and were ready for something different.

Classic era will likely get a good jump in a few more years as people want to do it again.

What’s worse is I’m on Skyfury which is a “locked” realm so the population is full. I’d hate to be on a lower populated realm or even like Horde on Benediction…

Like RDF that came in WotLK?

Players show up to dungeons wanting to get their gear, knowing what the goal of the group is, knowing what role they’re going to fill, and knowing exactly how they’re going to do it. Players furthermore don’t need to coordinate on buffs or CC since the former are decided for them and the latter are largely ignored as players get better at the game and as the game progresses. Nor do most dungeons have bosses that are difficult enough or mechanics complex enough that players would need to strategize before engaging.

That latter point only compounds over time as people learn the fights, thus needing to talk and strategize even less.

Therefore, what reason do players have to talk or socialize in dungeon groups in the first place? RDF just made you get to the dungeon faster and gave you a larger pool of players to group with. It didn’t change the way people were already playing the game.


Thats not different that is a staple of retail gameplay thats been available for quite some tine now.

If you want rdf you have that option already.

Since I lost all interest in Wrath once they removed RDF, I’ve been spending my time on middle and lower pop servers. The LFG chat is a joke. The tool isn’t used.

Blizz is so out of touch it’s embarrassing. These servers are going to die. Those who don’t quit will transfer to the megaservers…which have no community whatsoever. 50,000 strangers.

So what exactly has removing RDF accomplished?


If not having rdf killed your desire to play wotlkc, you didnt want to play wotlkc that badly to begin with.

I want this achievement, but Blizzard won’t let me get it.

How do I group up with random players using the Dungeon Finder tool? Does it work with the current tool?


RDF was in for more than half or wrath’s existence. It was a staple of wrath. You’re also acting contrarian for no reason. Show me where retail still has wrath’s gameplay.


RDF was a mistake and blizzard is correcting it.

Tourists and anti socials need to adapt. It’s been 3 years of no RDF, we have all survived just fine without it.

If you need RDF, maybe the game is not for you.

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As long as they force “soul bound” on needed items in the dungeon, they should add it. End the dreams of ninja looters.

It was a useful tool, more so in Wrath up through some other expansions. Less so now in retail, since crafted gear is higher than the heroic dungeon gear. Which I’m fine with.

The current tool for mythic + and raiding reaching across realms is good. If they just implemented that for classic, that would be good enough to resolve low-pop server issues in regards to queues.

No matter what though, they need to add soulbinding to “need” rolls.