Why are you making us suffer?

I think his complaint is that Old Blanchy isn’t on the list of server’s closing, so it doesnt seem clear if Old Blanchy is getting free realm transfers at this time.

Please teach us more, oh wise one. Explain how this multibillion dollar china-simping company is “so liberal”.


And we can tell a lot about you from this post.

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he thinks womanz and feminine is an insult. He’s already not working with a full deck.


“why are you making us suffer” I open the thread and see this wall of text and literally asked the same.


Gotta wait until it is dead like the rest of us.


Try reading the entire post. The list posted wasn’t the final one.

Thats the first time I seen a char disappear on the forums. Wasnt there a gnome in here`? Now he is gone completely :thinking:

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lol, now all my comments seem like I’m a crazy person!


The undead starting zone they tell you to suffer well…

I thought was just the way of life?


My character progress has been frozen in time since Classic DEVs announced that Race Changes are still under consideration. I’m basically waiting for their final official response to the community so I can either re-roll or continue to progress my current main.

This fence sitting way of handling things is pretty annoying because players have no idea what their true endgame is, they don’t give you an official answer, they just say “it’s under consideration” where you have no idea what to do for a very long time, and you’re literally losing time on the process.

The headquarters is in california nuff said

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You know that Ronald Reagan was the governor of California.

Are you calling Ronald Reagan a communist?

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Or u know u can make a character of that race and not have to worry if race change is implemented or not.

I love when people blame something on blizzard when there isnt even a problem but that persons laziness.

Arnold was governor too

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You’re fooling yourself if you think a business the size and wealth of Blizzard is even remotely liberal, regardless where they are incorporated. California isnt as liberal as you think it is, not that it would even matter in this case.

Everything you read and hear is PR lipservice meant to boost profits and fulfill their fiscally conservative agenda.

Well, he really was a commie.

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Congratulations. You’ve mastered reductive logic!

Now you’re ready to argue with your parent’s friends on Facebook.


Yeah, let me just abandon my 2 year old character with countless mounts, titles, achievements from PvP because Blizzard refuses to give players a concrete answer. Ur so smart!

Why are we still here? Just to suffer?


Achievements isnt a thing yet in classic. Countless mounts u are the one that spent gold on mounts u dont even use.

Guess you should have planned better 2 years ago instead of assuming a service would be put in classic. Again your issue not blizzards. But its typical to blame someone else just look at the leader of the US.