"Destination Servers"

There was no maybe, perhaps, in the event, etc. It was a statement of command as in “WILL”, “PERIOD”.

Don’t say anything at all if you’re not going to practice what you preach.

Why would you need to ask that?


Its a terrible gamble, because the post clearly implies that Heartseeker has 5 destinations available. Pick one of these 5 yourself, or we will pick one of those 5 for you.

Completely ignoring the statement…

As if it has no bearing to the conversation.

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They DID! Not all servers got the same option. You just have to choose the Free Character Transfer in the shop. I just made a character on Heartseeker and I can migrate to one of 5 different servers. It’s available right now!

Already answered in a previous reply. Are you planning for your character to be locked in transfer for 2 weeks? Move servers now. You know your destination options.

It’s right there in the post you are quoting! Right there!

Can’t argue with people that are just gonna shine up coal and call it gold.


Ok, one more time, why are you waiting until Blizzard moves you?

I could give you a very simple answer and a reason.

But I won’t.

You are right, there isn’t a blue post that specifically calls out Heartseeker and lists its 5 destinations. All they said was “The free character transfers are now active”.

You have your list of 5. Pick one of those, or Blizzard will pick for you from those 5.

Oh, you want us all to get pitchforks and torches because Blizzard lies? That’s old news, no one cares.

You’re looking at the most irrelevant part of the entire blue post and acting like it affects anyone actively playing.

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Looking at it, and willfully misinterpreting it

If you dont interpret the post the way OP does, your just a boot licking shill, apparently.

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They dont want any of them. They wanted Blizz to confirm thats all they’re getting or if by some miracle there is a 6th choice before doing something irreversible. Blizzard said they’d have more info, even if it was just re-stating the obvious, and didnt.

Pretty simple really.


Show me where Blizzard said they will move you to one of those 5. You are making an assumption.

You are right, I am making an assumption it will be one of those 5. I feel that’s a fair assumption though, based on my interpretation of the context clues.

You read, “hey move to one of these 5 server or we will lock you down, unplayable for 2 weeks” and decided, nah, they’ll give me a better server with the lockdown!

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“I dont like the choices, so I’m going to gamble and hope they send me to benediction/whitemane”

Blizzard lies! Get the boiling oil!

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Yep, you got me. You 1 me 0. Gratz

Seems like a lot of people in here want to troll for no reason. Bottom line, we are still waiting on the FINAL list of destinations for the servers being closed. This is necessary and extremely late at this point.