Missing Realm

i cant find my realm to play in it it has updated but its missing my realm on the list i have alot of time spent on those characters. whats going on? 8/11/2022

I suggest reading the sticky up top about realm consolidation.

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OP if you unhide your profile we can see your name-server and we can tell you what server you are on lol.

Or…look at the realms screen, see the ones that have a number next to them.

the number will be next to a server you will go I never played there.

and that…is your new home.

Eventually. In a few weeks.
Mine that got shipped are still in limbo.

Mouse over the name. They are on Kromcrush

If that still exists, no idea :stuck_out_tongue:

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If you mouse over the character name then look down in the bottom left of your browser, you can see the server name.

Your characters will show up on Sulfuras within 2 weeks.

Yes, you can read the thread here:
Burning Crusade Classic Realm Consolidation Coming August 9 - WoW Classic / Burning Crusade Classic Discussion - World of Warcraft Forums (blizzard.com)

It does suck for people who didn’t know. I know someone who just resubbed and his characters are in limbo.



blizzard…c’mon. I know you watch the industry. I know you know how bad crap like this hurt CCP games with eve.

backstory: one day eve decided to spice it up. a whol bunch of pve carbear associated space converted into a deadly free fire zone. even the NPC’s…were extremely dangerous.

so in comes returning player X out a year or 2. all their stuff that used to be all nice and safe. is now in zone where even the NPC’s will kill your pod.

and thus returning player x said…now! I am truly done eve. Many player x’s did.

to move the assets would require way too much work or money. as the best way to move was to pay the “nice” residents of th area protection money to move it…or not shoot you while you moved it.

but even then the damned npc’s would successfully gank your freighter(s).

thank you. i was beginning to worry to loose all my characters

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