TBC Classic Characters missing

After the merger has completed, I found my 3 highest level characters are on the server Sulfuras. The others I had, some really low level that I dont really care about; but I had a couple I’m pretty sure I procrastinated activating it into TBC.

The ones that i procrastinated on arent anywhere on my account. Are they gone forever or do I just need a Blizz support rep to recover them for me?

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I believe if u didnt take advantage of the character clone it will take a additional 2 weeks for the toons to transfer over and no ticket can expidite it.


if thats the case, then thats totally fine. I appreciate the answer. Do you by chance have a source for that, or just something you saw?

I was having trouble finding info on it other than the destination realm

It was in the original notice about the realms being retired here:


Yeah i saw that portion, my characrters have been migrated, but only the ones I opted into moving from Classic into TBC. Im hoping like the previous guy said, that itll just be another couple weeks or so until my remaining characters are viewable. Thanks for the help.

EDIT: I also should of mentioned, during the migration I could still see my characters on the character transfer list on my old server, but now the characters im talking about are no where to be found on Bnet or ingame services etc etc.

Perl has the right of it. If you have not taken the time to clone over as long as it had been available, then you missed out. The service is no longer available. What Darth linked has nothing to do with the cloning. It was for those who didn’t move their characters from the servers that were shutting down.


If you never cloned them from Classic over to TBC, then they are no longer available.


Sorry thot it was the same ill just delete it.


Damn, Im sorry, i hate to keep going back and forth but unless my reading it wrong; the post you linked says this as the bottom

“If you had a WoW Classic character and you never chose to activate it in either WoW Classic or Burning Crusade Classic, then the Burning Crusade Classic version of your character has automatically been activated and will be available for play.”

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in the same boat as you i think, my toons appear as “available for Cloning” on my old classic server but i cant log into them there and they say “active on a Burning Crusade Class server” legit i just re logged to start trying my hands at prepping for Litch king and i’m wondering how i ever get my main back…?

Then it sounds like perhaps you did clone them back sometime before? Can you log into them on the TBCC server at all - since that reads that you are only trying to log into Classic? Or was it that you did not move your characters before the consolidation and they were forcefully moved and you are now unable to find them?

I’m sorry, but I’m just a touch confused due to the mention of cloning, but you’re here on a thread where there is the issue of missing characters due to the server consolidation - two different issues entirely.

While I’ve not seen any official Blue post yet, I do see people already grabbing pitchforks due to the transfer going beyond the two-week marker at this point. I also see mention of maintenance for you guys tomorrow morning, so hopefully that may have some finalizing happening to get characters back and playable.


Im still missing all my characters from the merger… Is there a real time table for this? This is insane.

Glad to know that I’m not the only one. It’s honestly kind of obnoxious.

I’m having this issue too, first blizzard gave me a list of things to try that I tried before making a ticket, now they are saying they are inactive clones, but they were never clones. As I can’t play them from the vanilla classic launcher.

I am also having this issue. I opened a ticket last night but still no response. I literally haven’t touched my account since pre TBC classic so I never cloned anything. All my toons in regular classic are shown but says they are active in TBC but no where to be found. We are beyond the 2 weeks after consolidation. Just looking for communication so I don’t commit time to a new toon just to get my main back.

There are probably half a dozen threads here on CS, so posting this here too. I’ve been trying to keep an eye out for a Blue post or official update but there hasn’t been anything as yet.

However, in the main announcement thread, someone posted with their ticket response and other folks said they had received the same templated response. They are still apparently trying to get it all finished, but it is a work in progress. Devs are just not good at communicating these things.


Also linking this ticket response from the same thread that I just caught:


I didnt play the end of tbc classic so now all my characters are just gone. I guess so will my subscription

If you played in TBC, your characters are there in the WLK client, depending on which server your characters probably got consolidated with the rest.


And even if you didn’t play TBCC, your characters would now still be in Wrath Classic as that was the defaulted option if you didn’t select an option while cloning was active.


As Kozzae noted, the majority of your characters were on one of the realms that were on one of the consolidated realms.

You have a level 60 Undead Rogue and level 70 Orc Warlock on Sulfuras plus a level 70 Warrior on Mankrik.